Happy Eighteen


[Pseudo Incest, Stepmom, Stepmother, Stepson, MILF, Birthday Sex, Adultery, Eighteen, Barely Legal, Older Woman/Younger Man, First Time, Erotica, Cougar, Cheating Wife, High School Student, Football Jock, Teenager, Young Lust]

It’s the eve of Brandon’s eighteenth birthday. Amisha, his stepmom, secretly plans to make her son’s birthday a day they will always remember. She has a surprise only a woman can give that a man never forgets. Since becoming his mother, Ami and Brandon developed a close bond and a comfortable relationship. Now, it is time for her boy to become her man.


      “So Brandon, are you excited about tomorrow?” Ami asked without turning her head away from the TV. I was resting comfortably seated on the sofa, my arm rested on an elbow to it, my feet on the coffee table. My stepmother, Amisha, claimed the rest of the sofa, stretched out and laying on her side using my thighs as a pillow for her head. It seemed to be just another night.
      “Why? What’s tomorrow?” I genuinely asked.
      “Well, tomorrow is your birthday, silly.” Rolling onto her back, she looked up at me. “Or, did you forget?”
      “Of course I didn’t forget…” I replied while I gazed down at her. I enjoyed seeing her features softly illuminated from the light from the TV, the only light in an otherwise dark room. “…I just don’t see what’s the big deal between today and tomorrow. I mean honestly, ‘What’s the difference?’”
      I more felt than heard Ami laugh before saying, “Well tomorrow you’ll be eighteen and according to the law you will be officially an adult.”
      I loudly scoffed at her point. “And what’s that mean? I was allowed to get my Learner’s Permit at 16 and my Driver’s license at 17. So that doesn’t matter. Tomorrow I become eligible to vote and I mean ‘Whoopee’ because it’s February and the elections aren’t until November. After tomorrow, I have to register for the Draft but I seriously doubt I have to worry about that, right? As to being an adult, what’s that mean? I still can’t drink until I’m twenty-one and every day you see on the news kids as young as 14 being charged as an adult.”
      Looking down at her I continued, “I’m sorry Mom, I don’t wanna be Buzz Killington but I just don’t see tomorrow as anything special.”
      With her coy feminine smile, she replied, “I guess maybe you are right.” With that, she rolled back onto her side to face the TV, thus ending the conversation.
      However, her statement made me wonder, Had she just said that I couldn’t be more wrong? It left me to wonder, What she was saying that I was missing? As always, I was left baffled by her exotic feminine mysteriousness.

Word Count: 7,839

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