Hotwife 1 - 6 - Cuckold


[Cuckold hotwife, Interracial ménage, Exhibitionism and voyeurism, Domination and Submission, Double penetration, Triple penetration, bondage, bdsm, spanking, fingered by strangers, public humiliation, infidelity]

Husbands watch their wives be dominated by stronger, bigger bulls, hard and unprotected. This bundle brings you into the world of 6 submissive women who find themselves with hot studs ready to show them pleasures beyond their wildest dreams right in front of their husbands.

Told from her perspective, this contains Sharing The Hotwife Books 1-6 including:

Public Surrender
Public Cuckold Performance
Cuckold Humiliation in Public
Given To My Husband's Bosses
Making My Cuckolded Husband Watch
Cuckolded Husband Billionaire Black Bull


Excerpt From “Public Surrender”

      I closed my eyes and threw my head back as ripples of pleasure crashed down onto my very being. I was in a sea of pleasure unlike no other. Then, as if to torment me, Owen pulled out of me completely.
      My scream of pleasure turned into a whine as I begged him for his cock. I was devoid of shame. I wanted him. I wanted his cock buried deep inside me and I made it known.
      "Please," I begged, my own voice breaking, "fuck me!"
      He positioned his cock to my ass and, with the help of Kyle and Joshua, lowered me into his cock. I squealed and screamed, feeling as if my asshole was being ripped apart by his cock. Thankfully, the lubrication from my pussy eased his progress into my ass. He rained kissed on the small of my neck and continued to pinch and twist my nipples, distracting my mind from the pain of being stretched so awfully by such a large cock.
      "Ohh!" I gasped, feeling him impale me completely until his balls were resting against my ass. As he thrust in and out of my asshole, the pain morphed into pleasure and I felt myself pressing back against him. I wanted more. I wanted, needed a cock in my pussy.
      I opened my eyes to see that my master was still staring at me. His words felt as if they were coming from a different galaxy, "Tell them what you want, kitten," he said.
      I bit my bottom lip, unsure of whether I was able to word myself correctly. I felt as if the only noises I was capable of making were moans of pleasure and pain.
      Owen hooked his strong arms under my knees and supported my entire weight himself. I quivered against him. He had a reckless savage lust that was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I turned to Kyle. Or was that Joshua? It didn't matter.
      "Fuck me," I begged, reaching outwards to pull him in.

Word Count: 36,653

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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