Dark Delicacies #3 - Uninvited


[erotica, paranormal, supernatural, lost love, ghost lover, hardcore sex, outdoor sex, romantic ghost]

Ava has loved Michael for as long as she can remember, so when she receives the call that he has passed away, she is shattered.

She inherits his bed and breakfast without knowing that the place is ancient and extremely powerful.

There are ghosts wandering the property. Some of the spooks are benign...but some of them are as real as she is, with desires that outmatch her own.

When a ghostly figure appears before her one night, she must decide just how far she is willing to go...before the decision is made for her.


      She let go of his waist to wrap her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer as one hand ran up into his hair. She smiled against his lips, holding onto him tightly as he pulled back just enough to whisper her name.
      Another tear tracked down her face at the way he whispered her name. His tone conveyed more than his words ever could have. How had she been so blind all this time? How was it she had not been able to see the truth? She had missed so many opportunities...and now the road was forever blocked from her.
      “I have been sorry all these years that I-” She started to whisper but he hushed her with a sweet kiss.
      She lost herself in Michael in a way she had never lost herself in anything before. The page had been an easy love affair; she had often joked the page was her true soul mate. Vodka had been a good lover, able to help her forget all the things she did not want to focus on. Vodka had helped her find her way back to the page when life had pulled her too far away...but Michael…
      She felt her back hit the gazebo and grinned up at him as he pulled back from her lips with a deep sigh. They had moved deeper into the garden without her realizing. The moon’s reflection drowned in the pond; the wind gusted against the leaves of the ivy that draped over everything in the garden.
      “No more wasting precious time, darling…” She took his hand and whispered as she pulled him up into the shadows of the gazebo. Her eyes sparkled with happy tears as he allowed himself to be gently pushed down onto the leaf covered floor.
      “I should have done this a long, long time ago…”
      She eased down onto him, resting with her head against his chest for a moment. She closed her eyes and breathed him in; tried to soak up every detail she could about the way his warm and solid body felt against hers. He sighed and raised a hand to caress her head. She could feel the clock ticking too loudly to just remain there, as she wished, but could not deny the satisfaction she felt when she sat up and felt his hardness pressing against her. He grinned at her and the familiar, beloved grin made her burst out laughing.
      “You know how to make a lady feel appreciated.” She leaned down and nuzzled her face against his, grinning as he chuckled.
      “Wait until I show you just how much I...uh...appreciate you.” He had to clear his throat. Ava grinned as she leaned in to nibble on his ear. His breathing grew erratic as her warm breath flowed over his skin. He shivered as she began to kiss down his neck, his hands reaching up to hold tightly to her waist. She shifted her body as she moved lower and lower down his. She pulled his shirt up to reveal his chest, kissing down to his pants before stopping to smile up at him.
      “Oops.” She whispered as her hands undid his pants.
      He grinned.
      She wanted to take her time and lovingly linger over every detail but she sensed how short on time they were. He had only had to say it once for her to get it; she could cry about it later but right now all she wanted was to fall into him and the moment.
      He seemed to know what she was thinking. It would not surprise her to find out he did.
      “I am sorry it has to be like this.” He reached up to caress her face. She nuzzled against his hand, feeling tears wanting to flow. She bit them back and shook her head.
      “As long as I have you, even if it is just for a little while. Better than nothing.”
      His smile was sad. It had always been tinged with sadness; like his eyes. God, she loved those eyes.
      “We have this. It’s enough.”
      Ava whispered as she leaned down to kiss him.
      And it was.

Word Count: 20,000

  • Manufactured by: Mena Thrace

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