The Epidemic of Orgies


[Exhibitionism, menage, orgies, science fiction erotica, MMF, office sex, mind control]

Something odd is happening in Wendy's city. Overnight, a passionate tide seems to have washed over her beloved city, stirring everyone's primal needs and igniting their savage lust. Everyone is lost in their senses, wantonly seeking sensual heights in every possible position and any possible location.

Everyone except Wendy. She must search for the cure while avoiding the lure of joining in their orgies, fearing that once she participates, she will be lost in the sensual bliss of unknown heights. Will she succeed, or will the carnal seductions be too much for her to resist?


      I felt a flush of excitement and fear wash over me, sandwiched in between two men who were almost twice my size.
      Edward cupped my naked tits from behind me, rubbing my pebbled nipples between his fingers to send ripples of cold lust through me. I shuddered and arched my back as Danny fingered my pussy, exciting my senses by rubbing my clit and penetrating my wet sex with his fingers. "You're so wet," he murmured.
      "Guys, we need to stop this," I murmured, my eyes closing to a half mast as I found myself getting lost in the pleasurable senses of which I had been denied earlier.
      My knees quivered, pussy clenching as he slid another finger inside me, his lips meeting mine to drown me in a long, lingering kiss that unchained wild, delicious feelings that I had been suppressing the entire morning.
      He withdrew his hand and unbuckled his belt, releasing the massive erection and losing no time in introducing his manhood to my sex. I was wrapped in a web of lust, wishing nothing else but to engulf his cock with my throbbing pussy, needing the satisfaction desperately.
      Edward's hands urged me through the sea of pleasure, his mouth suckling the nape of my neck while his hands continue to work their magic on my sensitive nipples. I was a slave to their demands, undulating my hips to try to tempt Danny's cock inside my wet, welcoming pussy.
      "Fuck me, Danny," I begged.

Word Count: 6,113

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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