Dark Delicacies #2 - A Love Like Blood


[dark urban fantasy, vampire, vampire erotica, dark fantasy, supernatural erotica, paranormal erotica, horror erotica, alpha male vampire, female submission, dominated by a vampire, domination and submission, erotic romance, erotic vampire romance, vampire feeding, sex on a desk]

Nothing can stop a vampire when he needs to feed.

Powerful dominate vampire Eamon knows what he wants...and after six hundred years of roaming the world, he knows how to get it.

Alivia, his beautiful blood donor, knows exactly how to leave him satisfied. They say that blood runs deep...but so does desire.

And hunger.

Eamon's an insatiable being of many tastes, and only Alivia can quench his predatory appetite.

His hunger will be sated.


      “No more talk. We don’t need it anymore.” She pulled back enough to whisper before pressing her warm lips back to his. Everything about him was just a little bit more cold than it should be.
      She’d warm him up. She’d give him as much as he could ever want.
      “Talking is just...wasted air.” She whispered as she raised her hands to caress his face. She smiled at him and he knew what her smile meant.
      No use wasting anymore air.
      He gripped her hips and pulled her against him, holding her tightly in place as he leaned in to claim her lips. They shared a slow deep kiss, their breathing growing uneven as they tasted one another. She ran her tongue over his fangs and a shiver worked through him. He pulled back, staring at her with large eyes.
      Their breathing was loud, uneven. They were both a little winded from the kiss but they had not wasted one breath.
      “I’m not sorry.” She grinned at him. The impish tone made him laugh. He pressed his lips to her temple, loving her all the more.
      “Good. Don’t ever be. I love you just the way you are.” He whispered as his lips trailed down her face, over her neck. He savored each kiss, every shiver that worked through her. His hands held her firmly in place as he breathed out against her tender flesh. She made the kind of soft sound that could make the dead rise. And he did. She felt him straining against his pants and softly smiled to herself as she turned her head.
      He knew how to make a lady feel appreciated.
      His breath caught as he viewed her bared neck, primal hunger clawing at the rational part of his brain with its crimson claws.
      He wanted to make the moment last but dammit, the woman had him on a short leash.
      His teeth gently sank into her flesh, puncturing the skin with the careful precision of an artist. She gasped and for a moment he paused as he always did, not wanting to hurt her. But it wasn’t pain that made her gasp.
      It was the sudden rush of pleasure that washed through her as his fangs pierced her. She had given him permission to slip into her mind and mute the pain but he had done one better: he turned the sensation of pain into a fantastic kind of pleasure she could experience no other way.
      He wanted her to crave him as much as he craved her.
      She gasped again as he inched his fangs down bit by slow bit, opening the vein with great care. Her hands knotted in his hair. She made a sound that might have been pain but they both knew better.
      His kiss stung in the best of ways. He had kissed her on her wrist the week before and that had been something but nothing could compare to the time he had kissed her upon her thigh. She had climaxed so suddenly it had frightened her. After the impact she had dissolved into breathless laughter, thankful he could understand she was okay. She’d just had her mind blown was all.

Word Count: 7,500

  • Manufactured by: Mena Thrace

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