Dark Delicacies #1 - Something Witchy


[demon, horror, power struggle, horns, occult, demonic, paranormal, supernatural, taboo, dark fantasy, bondage, sadism, female domination, submission, depraved, claimed, violated, taken, dominated, owned, forced by a demon, monster tentacles, rough demon tentacle sex, demon monster, masturbation, oral sex, witch, summoner, demon monster sex, forced female submission, violated by demon monster, tentacles, sinful, lust, witchcraft, wicked, witch, claimed by a demon, dark captive erotica, non-con, dub-con, mind break, rough, reluctant, erotic occult horror, forced seduction, anal exploration, reluctant participation, sinful lust, witchcraft, wicked dark desires, slave forcefully submitting to a demon, demon summoning worshiping master]

Something witchy this way comes...

Whoever said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned was probably thinking about Elix when the words were first uttered.

Elix has it all: she's beautiful, she's powerful and she’s on the cusp of ascending the ranks among her fellow sorcerers and summoners. As a Mistress of Darkness she commands the elements, as prideful and haughty as they come.

There's just one thing standing in the way of her grand machinations: word is there is another witch showing the kind of grand potential that would send shivers down any magic-user's spine.

This simply will not do. Nothing provokes the maliciousness from a wicked witch quicker than being told she's not the most powerful, luscious being in the inner circle.

She needs to be taught a lesson.

And Elix has just the being in mind to do the teaching.


      Ah, there he was…
      The glyphs began to glow, slowly brightening in time with her heartbeat. The energy flowing around the room quickened, the circles around her radiating a sinister black glow as sweat began to slowly bead upon her bare flesh. The candles burned crimson, indigo; a few flickered emerald as the connection was made.
      Elix was a skilled summoner. She did not struggle as a younger, less experienced novice would have. She had long ago shed the need to use her hands to assert control of the magical currents that flowed around her. Those untrained in the basics of magical summoning and binding struggled first with manipulating and controlling the magics needed to do the most mundane parts of creating a summoning circle. They used their hands to try to control and dominate the powers around them, not realizing that manifesting had nothing to do with the physical world other than being the reality their consciousness was focused upon.
      Elix barely moved as a flame of energy sparked in the middle of the radiant circle directly across from her. Sweat coursed down her naked curves as her moving lips curved up into a pleased smile but she continued her whispered mantra, not allowing her focus to waver even for a millisecond.
      The edges of both of their circles bloomed with light as she continued her soft incantations to summon the being and manifest him to her plane of reality. A magnificent being born purely of her lust and determination; he would be hers and hers alone to control. Her willpower breathed life into his form, her desires forcefully imprinting upon him.
      She whispered the words to summon him completely, the contract between them binding and irrevocable.
      Elix opened her eyes.
      The figure that stood in the middle of the summoning circle was tall, his shape indistinct but for the horns and the large wings that struggled to unfurl against the edges of the circle. She was not sure if the movement was a test of her control over the being’s summoning aura or if it was just the being’s instinct to stretch and test his new physical body. Either way the being was firmly in her control and they both knew it.
      The form she saw shifting and arranging itself in the nether between their two worlds was not his true form. His true form was much larger, more powerful...but for her purposes the form he had taken would more than do.
      The protective wards held strong and true against the buffeting of energies. They would hold no matter what happened as long as she was alive and able to keep her focus on them. Her energies and spells would keep him trapped in her circle should he try to escape or harm her; not that she thought he would, since he seemed eager to make a pact with her, but with demons it was always better to hedge one’s bets. When the final part of the binding was complete and he was completely enslaved to her then she would grant him his freedom. Such as it was.
      His eyes glowed a vibrant purple. They were locked onto her, the only thing still in the rush of energies that swirled through and around their circles.
      “Do you accept the terms and conditions of the pact as they have been laid out to you?” Her voice carried easily through the roar and rush of racing energies. She was speaking in the ancient high tongue of a language long lost to all but the most powerful of the magic charmers and channelers. Once he agreed in the demonic language that he voluntarily submitted to her he would be bound by his pact to her until either she broke the binding or her orders were completed. Not even death could sever the connection between them.
      Speaking in the high tongue always made Elix wet between the thighs. The first time she had uttered her first syllable of the forbidden lexicon it had made her violently ill; she had fallen to the ground, the sickest and the most aroused she had ever been in her life up until that point. She had been unable to stand for a few hours; not that she had wasted the time spent stuck on her back. She had explored, with great success, the throbbing area between her weak legs and had come away thankful for the time well spent.
      “I do.”
      His thick muscles rippled as he stepped from the summoning circle that had turned from his cage to his doorway into the mortal world. He was built broadly with large wings that he spread out before her as if showing them off before they burned away from his body in black and silver flames. The embers drifted away in a small gust of rain scented air. As if on cue to welcome him the thunder growled directly over the turret and a torrent of rain began to fall down. The sound made Elix smile. The way he flexed in response made her smile more.
      His flesh was inhumanly pale; there were dark marks along his skin and around his eyes that accentuated the purple glow. His horns slowly burned off in a shower of black and silver embers as his gaze slowly traveled up and down her sweat slicked form.
      “What is it you would have me do, my Mistress?”

Word Count: 15,957

  • Manufactured by: Mena Thrace

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