Ashes To Ashes


[horns, power struggle, demon, horror, supernatural, taboo, paranormal, monster, dark fantasy, bondage, sadism, female domination, submission, depraved, dominated by a demon, rough demon monster sex, voyeurism, female submission, dark captive erotica, erotic occult horror, reluctant participation, non-con, dub-con, forced seduction, monster sex, submitting to a demon, masturbation oral sex, demon summoning, worshiping master, twisted, warped, taken, owned by a demon, mistress of a demon slave, wicked dark desires]

There's a fine line between passion and madness...

Mount Pardes is the proud crown jewel of the six prosperous kingdoms resting safe and happy in its massive shadow. It has stood for over three thousand years as proof of humanity's triumphant victory over the most dire of threats...but it also harbors a dark secret.

Once a mighty hero of legend, Airis succumbed to the darkness he was fighting and lost his humanity in a brave effort to save all of mortalkind. What is left of him is a depraved shadow of the great man he once was.

Nyx is an outcast of the worst kind in her village. She gets what she wants no matter the cost; what she wants is the devastating secret the mountain contains.

Do mortals stand a chance in hell of surviving such dark desire?


      His voice was a soft whisper in her head.
      With my power you may do as you wish. Burn the village, rape the women and men, kill the children- I do not care. All I ask is that you let them know it is in my name. But before you begin your reign of chaos you must steal the seed of the men I mentioned. It will not work if they are forced. This will be fun and will break you in before our joining. Enjoy yourself…and prepare for tonight.
      He was gone, his voice fading to nothing but an afterthought; as soon as his voice left her head she felt her power triple in strength. She had more than enough potential to destroy the village on her own had she decided to right then and there. His worshippers were now under her control as well, though she had already seen their loyalties to her without using power to puppet them. But dealing with the mortals was secondary to pleasing her beloved...even if the only other thing she had ever dreamed about was crushing the mortals around her, making them bow before their superior.
      His voice in her head sent a shiver down her spine and a sigh of pleasure escaped her that could easily be mistaken for coming from a woman gripped in ecstasy. She felt warmth spreading over and through her at both the feeling of him in her head and his whispered words.
      The permission he was giving her to have as much fun as she wanted aroused her. It was so nice to finally, finally be allowed to just...let go.
      Be herself.
      She opened her shifting eyes and a blush of pleasure and excitement had spread over her cheeks; a pretty pink blush that made her look innocent and sweet, totally incapable of harming a fly. She still held the vial to her breast and after a moment of thinking a slow smile spread over her face; this smile was dark, wicked, and looked so out of place on one so sweet and sincere looking.
      As she sensed his withdrawing from her mind a shiver of extreme pleasure worked through her and she thought for a moment she had climaxed. She looked as if she had: blushed cheeks, wide eyes and a heaving chest.
      She felt another surge of power and laughed, an enchanting, lilting sound at odds with the reason she was laughing.
      She had waited faithfully for him. Nyx had kept her body pure for her beloved Master all these years because she had wanted him to be the one to take her. But, she considered as she started to move again, if her Master wanted her to do this thing she gladly would. Besides, she thought with a smirk, no mortal could ever have her the way her Master would have her. No mortal could ever please her the way that only Airis could.
      There was no possible way a mortal could ever satisfy her as just looking at her lord did. The idea of bedding him made her quicken her pace, desire starting to course through her at the very thought. If he needed her to do this thing she would; she would find two pretties and she would take from them what her Master needed and whatever she wanted before crushing them under one dainty heel.
      She licked her lips and smoothed one palm down a thigh with a hungry smile. She knew he would be watching as she did what she did and oh, that appealed to Nyx.

Word Count: 22,063

  • Manufactured by: Mena Thrace

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