X-Rated Holiday Bundle


[Erotic Christmas, Dominating Viking Santa, Busty MILF, Bondage BDSM, Anal Oral Sex, Alpha Male, Rule 34, Hot Couple Action, New Year's Eve, Age Difference, Cum Play]

Enjoy these steamy hot holiday tales packed full of kinky, energetic sex. In Season's Beatings, a sexy woman meets an ageless Viking Santa, and it turns out the Jolly Old Elf is dominating and extremely lusty. In the second book, Hot Threesome in Cold Antarctica, a young lady is screwed senseless by two men who appear out of nowhere on New Years Eve, interrupting her boring isolation experiment.


      The older man pulled back long enough to introduce himself. “I'm the old year, Twenty-Sixteen, but you can call me Sixteen for short. The new year, Seventeen, will be here soon,” he said, nodding toward the airlock.
      Marisa tilted her head, not understanding what he said, but figuring that figments of her imagination didn't need to make sense. The matter at hand seemed much more important and she focused on his soft lips against hers. She'd always been attracted to older men, and besides, it was traditional to kiss someone on New Year's Eve. She got to her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, returning his kiss and opening her mouth for his tongue.
      Another knock at the airlock had her eyes flying open, but she wasn't willing to stop the kiss, and neither was the old man. He carefully walked them over, so that he could open it without stopping. His blue eyes twinkled at both Marisa and the new arrival as he caught her lip between his teeth.
      A handsome young man close to her age stepped inside and closed the airlock behind him. A thrill ran through her at the sight of him, because he was pure perfection. His blond hair was long and thick, and his all over tan was very obvious given the thin "Happy New Year" sash and loincloth he wore. “Not a fit start to my year, Sixteen,” he commented as he stepped up to the pair and pressed his large body against Marisa's back.
      Sixteen lowered the lab coat down Marisa's shoulders. “Indeed not, but we'll warm up quickly I'm sure.”
      "Hi," she chirped, now speaking to her newest hallucination in a hope that he wouldn't disappear.
      "Mmmmm…well, hello," he replied, brushing her hair aside and kissing her neck.
      Their hands were quick and sure as they removed her clothes and her breath grew heavier. Their kisses didn't miss a beat on her neck, ears and lips while she briefly worried about how to write this up in her daily log. She was swiftly stripped naked and embraced between their muscled bodies, being crushed between them. Their hands running over her body brought a shiver of anticipation and she quickly recalled the erotic things she'd imagined in all of the kinky fantasies that she never imagined living out.
      The young man's grip was firm and she could tell by the way he reverently stroked it that he highly approved. Her excitement grew feverish at the sensation of his very large cock rubbing against her ass, and she arched her back to feel it better.
      She’d never been self-conscious of her appearance and enjoyed sex on the two other occasions she’d had it. So, when she was quickly disrobed, it suited her just fine. "Is this really going to happen?" she asked, her nails digging into the older man’s shoulders as she stood completely naked between them.
      Marisa groaned into Sixteen's mouth as her tongue rolled over his, and she reached down to find his erection very promising under his loincloth.
      Much to her disappointment, they stopped and backed away from her, grinning from a few paces away.
      “Yes, it's really happening…but we're here for a reason,” Sixteen said, resting an elbow on the younger man's shoulder.
      “I know it!” Seventeen exclaimed. He couldn't wait to get more of Marisa and started toward her. The older man cuffed him and he stopped with a yelp of surprise.
      “Not that! Well, not just that,” Sixteen explained as he tugged the other man back by the hair and winked at her. “You're too isolated, Marisa, even before this experiment. We're here to show you just what you're missing in the world.”

Word Count: 12,070

  • Manufactured by: Randi Holiday

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