The Vampire's Pet


[lesbian vampire, young old, paranormal erotica, supernatural romance, dubious consent, werewolf, virgin seduction]

Daisy doesn’t think she is going to like college. Her sheltered Christian upbringing in a small town didn’t prepare her for life in the city and it certainly didn’t prepare her for Jessica, her promiscuous new roommate from New York who likes to poke fun at her innocence. Things change when Jessica doesn’t show up for the first day of class.


      Daisy gasped as Lilith’s breasts pressed firmer against hers. With only a sun dress and night dress between them, Daisy could feel every detail of Lilith’s erect, dainty nipples digging into the front of her own breasts. They were the only part of Lilith’s body that felt warm. The contrast of temperature made her nipples feel soothing and kind. Daisy bit her lip guiltily as she realized her own nipples were hard with passion and pressing into Lilith’s breasts, warming them as well.
      The only other times Daisy’s nipples had swelled like that were the few times she had a crush on a boy. She did not fully understand why some boys had that effect on her, but she had faith that it was her body’s way of telling her something she was too blind to see with her own eyes. Now her body was telling her that same message, but why would her body alert her to another woman? Did they have a connection? Could that even be possible?
      As Daisy asked herself these questions she realized that Lilith had never actually made any advances on her. She may have stood too close, but she seemed foreign. So that could have just been a cultural faux pa. It was Daisy who had lusted after and groped her. And of all the people to accost, it was an elegant foreign woman in her own home. It was the biggest mistake of Daisy’s life, and she would regret it forever, but at least it was over. She would just apologize profusely and leave.
      A little reluctantly, Daisy took her hands off of Lilith’s shoulders and said, “Ma’am. I’m sorry for being rude. Please accept my apology, but…”
      Lilith pressed a cold, smooth, electric index finger to Daisy’s lips and swiveled her lean legs to stand face to face with the young girl in the white dress before her. Lilith’s passion-red lips mesmerized Daisy as they spoke to her, “One only apologizes when they have done something wrong. The only thing you could do wrong tonight is leave here as empty as you entered and go on through life following all the rules that bind you into a mindless, oblivious slave. The only right thing to do is follow your heart, accept your true nature and live the rest of your life in control of your destiny.”

Word Count: 15,309

  • Manufactured by: Amelia Moore

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