Casual (Sex) Gamer #6 - YeeHaw! Ride Her Cowboy!


[cowboy gunslinger outlaw, sexy MILF fantasy, rescue fantasy adventure, rough bound gangbang, anal sex, fanfiction video game, old west erotica, BDSM suspension bondage, hardcore deep-throat, busty brunette, dubious consent role-play]

Jane is troubled with vivid dreams and needs to de-stress, so when her son brings home a new game, she can't resist the chance to meet the gunslinger and visit the old west. Despite warnings of a gangbang, the "sexual thrill seeker" pulls on her cowboy boots and enters the game saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. When she lands in the hands of outlaws, she's in desperate need of a rescue.


      “Are you awake?… Okay, no you're not… Can you tell me where you live and I'll give you a lift home?” He took her gently by the arm and steered her to the car, helping her into the backseat. “Sit there a moment, I've got something here to wake you up.”
      Jane nodded and pulled her legs in, slamming the door and scrambling to the far side of the car where a bright moonbeam shone in the window. Her hands felt fabric covering muscled flesh beneath her and she realized that in her terror, she'd jumped into the lap of a big man. The fellow was nicely illuminated and moonlight glinted off his polished badge. Jane traced his lower lip with her index finger, then grinned as she looked the rest of him over. He was a god-awful handsome cop, in a pristine blue uniform, with a pristine cop mustache.
      Just as quickly as the fear came on, it was gone and replaced with her typical state of lust. Thoughts of rough sex drifted through her sleeping mind as she pressed against him, breathing in his cologne while reaching down to rattle the handcuffs on his belt.
      "Am I under arrest?" she asked, hoping he'd subdue her. "Can I touch your night-stick?”
      “Definitely,” he growled, a broad grin taking the threat away as he caught her hands and pulled them together. “You look like someone who needs arresting for public indecency.” He winked as he slapped the heavy cuffs on her slender wrists.
      The cop kissed her deeply, his strong hands moving her to sit astride his legs, her nighty riding up over her ass. He ground her on his crotch, the bulge of his erection obvious through his trousers as he grunted. “I think a caution is in order, with a little public service as well,” he murmured, squeezing her butt firmly.
      "Mmmmm, good. You should definitely arrest me, I've been a bad girl," she teased, pausing as a wolf howled nearby. "Well, it's a good thing you're here. This neighborhood has gone to the dogs," she said, leaning closer and kissing him. His mustache scratched her skin and she smiled, reaching down to stroke the hard bulge in his pants. It felt very promising and all of her worries were forgotten as she focused on her delicious cop.
      The man lifted her nighty to her waist then above, bunching up the silky fabric to lift it over her head and down her arms. He grunted at the sight of her full breasts, the nipples hard already, and quickly wrapped the fabric onto the handcuff chain. His hands lifted her arms up and over his head so he could duck to kiss at her breasts, sucking and licking fiercely. “There’s a bad girl, just the way I like them. It’s my job to serve and protect after all, and you look like you need a good serving.”
      Jane pressed her pelvis forward and rubbed herself against his cock as she enjoyed his mouth on her nipples.
      She glanced at the game case on the seat. "That was my first offense, but I don't think you should go easy. I just had to get that game."
      The cop kneaded her firm butt as he bit sharply at her hard nipples. “Maybe some police brutality then?”

Word Count: 11,239

  • Manufactured by: Randi Holiday

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