Casual (Sex) Gamer #5 - Hell Of A Time


[busty sexy MILF, dark horror erotica, soldier gangbang, dubious consent, demon creatures, muscled military hero, soldier alpha-male, fantasy science fiction, video game erotica, rough hardcore sex]

Hell of a Time is Jane’s darkest adventure. On this trip, she realizes that even she has limits when she ends up in a terrifying horror game. The sexy MILF is in desperate need of a rescue when she’s taken captive and used in a rough gang bang by possessed soldiers and a caught by a vicious demonic creature. This trip changes her quest for rough sex to a search for something, or someone else.


      Jane crashed down into a bin full of laundry, and breathed a sigh in relief. "Thank goodness for that… Better landing than last time."
      She peaked out and looked around the dimly lit concrete room. It smelled pleasantly of bleach as she climbed out of the huge bin. Walking past a long row of washer and dryers, she headed for a metal door that was set in a wall of cinder blocks.
      "This seems kind of boring actually," she muttered. "What kind of stupid ass game has a laundry room, anyway?"
      She paused as she passed another laundry bin and looked inside, noticing a lot of combat uniforms in camouflage patterns. That perked her up even more, because she'd always had a soft spot for military men. They were very macho and most of the time in excellent shape. At the thought of muscled soldiers to play with, a dull throb began between her legs. Maybe she'd purposely anger them and suffer the temporary consequences.
      Just as she reached the large metal door, she heard a terrible racket on the other side of it. It sounded to her like a fight was going on that might involve several people. The voices were very unpleasant and angry enough to scare her into hiding in the laundry bin she'd just passed.
      The sergeant stopped outside the door, sniffing the air like a wild animal, his face contorting as he did so. "Something here," he growled, the rest of the squad halting messily. There was an exchange of blows as they bumped into each other before he snarled them into quietness.
      He shot the lock off the door, which was actually unlocked, but he just wanted to shoot something. The smell was much stronger as he stomped inside the room and he paused to glare around.
      Jane tried to hold perfectly still inside the bin. The gunfire had been a definite buzzkill and now she was scared out of her head. However, all the pumping adrenaline caused her to get wet between her legs. She squeezed them closed and cursed her strange kink as she became highly aroused.
      "Hmm, woman…in laundry,” the man growled, kicking Jane's laundry bin viciously, denting the metal in his frustration.
      Jane thought they’d shot her bin and she reflexively jumped and then quickly froze again, settling under the laundry. She clamped a hand over her mouth to contain the threatening scream, but was calmed a bit as she remembered this was only a game. Besides, the room seemed to be filled with soldiers that oozed testosterone, and that had to be a good thing…didn't it?
      The sergeant's nostrils flared, scenting something very tasty nearby. It was the woman again. He grinned cruelly and gestured to two of the squad, smashing the nose of one when he hesitated. "Grab bin, tip over."
      He laughed as they obeyed, sending Jane rolling over the floor in a pile of dirty clothes. "Well, well…Thought all civilians dead. Good find, was wrong."
      His eyes narrowed as he snarled at the squad to back away from her, the one with the bloody nose ignored him until he got the butt of the shotgun to the throat. Jane cringed, and made a mental note not to hesitate if the bulging hulk of a man issued an order. Even so, it was very difficult for her to keep her smart mouth shut because she really wanted to tell the man to start using proper English. However, as she stared up at the band of mentally depraved soldiers with red eyes, she was able to hold her tongue.
      "Said back away!” the sergeant shouted. The soldier groped for his pistol, half drawing it before the sergeant’s shot removed his head. He grunted and kicked the body before turning back to Jane.
      She was completely horrified yet also relieved by the guaranteed recovery after her adventure. The headless soldier was a dead giveaway that this was going to be rough, just as she'd expected. Still, just because all injuries quickly healed in the game world, that didn't stop them from hurting.

Word Count: 10,500

  • Manufactured by: Randi Holiday

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