Casual (Sex) Gamer #3 - What's Yours Is Mine


[Sexy Horny Milf, Alpha-Male, Bdsm Bondage Domination, Dub-Con Creature Sex, Busty Brunette Mom, Rough Hardcore Anal, Deep Throat Blowjob, Erotic Science Fiction, Video Game, Fantasy Adventure]

Living out her dubious-consent fantasy, Jane enters a game world made of cubes where the inhabitants are fascinated by her generous curves. After she's used by an angular black figure and menaced by zombies, she lands in the sole pioneer's home. The dominant man uses her in every way he can, loving the contrast of his blocky body to her lush rounded attributes. He's got a taste for enslaving her, but can she escape…and does she want to?


      In the morning, Jane climbed out of bed and sorted Zack out for his day, waved him goodbye, then grabbed the special edition controller and switched the console on. First, she was going to have coffee, then put on her sexiest lingerie and then finally pay Damien another visit. After seeing him on screen the night before, she was more eager than ever to see him again.
      After a few exaggerated yawns, she knew coffee was in order. In the kitchen, she sat the controller down and as she reached for a coffee cup, it vibrated right off the counter. When it hit the floor, the battery door came off and she bent to pick it up, forgetting that it was now ready to transport her into the video game.
      As soon as she touched it, she felt like a jolt of electricity shot up her arm. In the other room, she heard the familiar voice listing the game warnings. Thinking this was important information she might need, it highly annoyed her when she was unable to move closer to make it out.
      ‘I can’t hear you! Fine though, it's all good,’ she shouted, just as the floor vanished and she fell through a dark abyss. Jane's body vibrated with a weird energy as she plummeted, which made it hard to concentrate on the annoying voice. ‘Disclaimer: this game contains adult content, physically abusive creatures, dubious-consent, BDSM, and possible drowning. All injuries will be repaired upon exit. In the case of death…‘ The sentence was cut off as darkness faded and she landed on a spongy surface in a strange world that clearly wasn’t Damien’s.
      ‘Oh, shit! Did you just say death and drowning?" Jane yelled up at the sky, as she squinted in an attempt to adjust her vision.
      Looking down, it seemed she'd landed in a bush. Her lips parted in confusion as she viewed a bizarrely foreign expanse of land. Blinking repeatedly, Jane felt like she'd dropped acid but knew there was no hallucinogen in her system…unless she’d accidentally added something extra to her morning coffee.
      She rubbed her head in disbelief. Hadn’t Zack been playing Damien’s game the night before? Even though she was frustrated, she wasn’t too worried, not after her last video game. After everything she went through on Olfim’s spaceship, she could handle anything, and she even enjoyed the occasional adrenaline rush of fear.
      ‘Okay, this is weird. Where the heck am I?’
      Everything was oddly pixelated as far as the eye could see. Even the trees and clouds were built of squares. Much to her disappointment, there was no sign of Damien amidst the straight edges. "This is seriously pissing me off," Jane growled, suddenly finding the cuboids obnoxious and unwelcoming.
      It looked like it was late in the day and she headed toward a nearby tree. It was a little difficult to adjust to walking on the uneven squares of grassy earth and she repeatedly caught her toe on the spongy edges.
      A tall dark figure blinked into existence behind her, gazing down at her lush curves in bemusement. She didn’t have any sharp edges at all. He realized that with all those curves, she was a rare find. This was definitely something new in his world and he focused briefly, tearing her clothes from her as he blinked away again.
      Jane was incredibly confused. The air had changed around her and the next thing she knew, her clothes were ripped from her body. Now there wasn’t a sign of them.
      Back in his den, the dark creature examined Jane's clothes rapidly before setting them aside and teleporting back to the woman.

Word Count: 6,854

  • Manufactured by: Randi Holiday

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