Casual (Sex) Gamer #2 - Invaded By The Alien


[busty MILF, sadistic alpha male, hardcore dubious consent, BDSM interrogation, deep throat oral, anal sex, bondage submission domination, video game fantasy, furry alien encounter]

In a galaxy very far away…

Hoping the smugglers in her son's game will treat her to kinky and rough sex, Jane jumps in and lands on a big hairy alien named Olfim. He savors the scent of the Earthling’s fear as he hunts her, then collars her as his pet. However, when her knowledge of their smuggling is revealed and he begins the interrogations, the feisty woman might just be too insatiable to coerce.


      In the gaming world, the crippled spaceship's lights flickered off. Olfim paused with his repairs as he waited for the emergency lighting to activate. The asteroid field he'd hurtled through had done major damage and now the ship drifted aimlessly through a far away galaxy.
      Much to his annoyance, his copilot teleported to a cathouse the second they were within range, in spite of their predicament. Not to mention the fact that the place didn't allow Olfim's kind inside. He didn't know why, because he had money just like the rest of them and a much better ‘staff.’
      As he waited, a strange light flashed above him and something heavy fell onto his back, bounced off and rolled across the floor of the control room.
      The room was dark and Jane squinted, trying to see as she absently rubbed her hip. She walked blindly in the dark, barely able to make out the shadow of a doorway.
      "Oh, God. It worked again," she said, wondering where the handsome smuggler man was. Would he be bigger than her? She loved the idea of a big man overpowering her. Jane's stomach flipped at the thought of what was to come.
      Soon, her hands fell on silky soft fur that reminded her of her neighbor's beautiful golden retriever. The lights came on with an audible crackle, and towering over her was the furry creature from the game, now in high definition. The creature was naked and impossibly huge…everywhere. She hadn't counted on him being so enormous and slowly backed into the hallway.
      He stared down at her with a gun belt slung around his muscular hips. However, unlike when her son had been playing the game, that was all he was wearing. His combat suit lay discarded on the floor because his species had never got the hang of clothing, only wearing armor in combat situations…under protest.
      The eight foot tall alien's intelligent eyes watched her back away before he tilted his head back and roared. It was as loud as a tyrannosaur and even caused the metal walls of the ship to vibrate.
      Jane gasped, her ample bosom heaving. She'd heard his cry when her son played the game, but had no idea how frightening it would be in person.
      His hand left the holster with a blackened metal gun in his firm grip. He didn't know how she managed that descent from the ceiling, but she was a stowaway. That meant that he could do what he pleased with her. Interstellar law let crews dump stowaways overboard without trial or legal issues. She was nicely shaped and it had been years since he'd been around a female of his own kind. Yes, he decided, the hairless, pointy faced midget would do nicely to amuse him.
      Jane's hands flew up. "Um, please don't shoot me. I'm so sorry."
      Olfim had a lot of repairs to do, but it was time for a break and some entertainment. He breathed in deep, finding the smell of her terror very satisfying. As he stepped closer, looking curious, Jane yelped and bolted down the hallway, completely disregarding his weapon. They couldn't actually expect her to take in a shaft that size, could they? It was far too big!
      Olfim casually began to stalk the curvy woman, grinning because he always savored the hunt. The metal corridor ran in a loop around the ship, and the doors would only open for him or his co-pilot, Sam. Soon she was out of his line of sight, but there wasn't anywhere the human could hide. Her fear was a pleasant diversion, so he decided to play with her before confining her for later use.

Word Count: 13,116

  • Manufactured by: Randi Holiday

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