Dominated By My Werewolf Intern


[werewolf, wolf shifter, erotic short story, BBW, older female, younger male]

Kaitlin is no stranger to being in control. Her position as the CEO of her own company means she is getting used to getting everything her way.

Everything changes when the mysterious new intern arrives. She finds herself hopelessly drawn to his captivating eyes, intoxicated by his hypnotic voice and enslaved by his insatiable lust. The new alpha male chains her to the abyss of ecstasy, submitting her to his every carnal desire.

And when night falls, he offers an entirely new overwhelming experience by chaining her down to show her that his animal desire means exactly that...


      My alarm beeped, warning me that I had fifteen minutes to get ready for my important conference call. My assistant had prepared everything I needed, so I found myself with nothing to do for fifteen minutes. I sighed, pouring myself a drink from my stash in the bottom drawers, enjoying the burn of the expensive liquid down my throat.
      My cold fingers slid slowly up my thigh until I reached the wetness between my thighs. I moaned as my fingers stimulated my exposed clit, glad that I had chosen to forgo underwear today. My nipples were quickly erect, straining against the tight bra and dress. I flicked my sensitive nipple through the fabric, enjoying the jolt of blood surging through my veins. "Mmm..." I moaned, my pussy yearning for a hard manhood buried deep inside me.
      Settling for the next best thing, I slid a finger inside my welcoming folds, feeling my pussy tighten against the intrusion and a charge of excitement through my spine. Juices oozed past my finger and I arced my back, quivering in pleasure as I pushed another finger inside my tight pussy, my thumb continuing to rub against my clit to add to the stimulation that is rendering my normally supercharged brain completely blank.
      "Ms. Kaitlin, Diamond's CEO is on the other line, he's requesting to speak over the phone," my assistant stated.
      God damn. I let go of a breath didn't realize I was holding onto, my fingers still deep in my folds. I was slightly breathless when I said, "Did you ahh... ask him why?"
      "Something about the internet connection not working at his company, and he knows how much you despise postponing meetings," she answered.
      Fucking- Against my better judgment, I said, "Alright, connect him."
      My pussy tightened, warning me that I was an instant away from the toe-curling orgasm that I desperately needed. I felt my climax climbing, soaring into new heights just as an unfamiliar male voice said over the phone, "Ms. Kaitlin?" plummeting me towards the ground and away from my much-needed release.
      "Hello!" I greeted without thinking, my voice pitch that could have ruptured eardrums. I cleared my throat hastily, "Sorry. Hello Mr. Cash."

Word Count: 5,604

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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