Bound And Punished In The Woods


[shapeshifter, werewolf shifter, menage, threesome, exhibitionism, domination and submission, alpha males, submissive female]

Field Scientist Felicity finds herself all alone on her first sample-collection trip to Wolf Reserve. Feeling adventurous, the demure scientist surrenders to her exhibitionist side and wanders the forest wearing nothing but her straw hat.

When her reckless behavior is caught by the forest rangers, she has to accept any punishment they have for her, there and then. Reluctant at first, she finds herself succumbing to their electric touches and her own wanton lust.


      A deep, menacing growl made me look up. My eyes widened when I saw the white wolf was inches from my face, its breath strangely comforting and warm. At least I'll feel warm as I get eaten, I thought as I closed my eyes in fear. I held my breath in fear as the wolf on my back sniffed down my arced back, moving its warm muzzle lower and lower until it reached the apex of my legs.
      I jerked away hastily when I felt the flick of its rough tongue against my wet pussy, my face flushed with embarrassment. I felt its hold on me loosen and quickly took the opportunity to turn around and backed away from the two beasts, trying to increase the distance between us as much as I can.
      To my surprise, the black-furred wolf bared its teeth in a grin that was all too human. I wondered if I was going to die completely naked and what people would think when they found my body. I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable pain of fangs digging into my skin.
      When I opened my eyes again, I was in disbelief.
      I was no longer looking at two wolves. Instead, there were two... men standing but a few feet in front of me. They were not completely human, the white wolf had turned into a painfully sexy and muscular man with pale skin and inhumanly blue eyes that enveloped his pupils. Meanwhile, the black wolf transformed into an equally, if not more, dashing man with ebony skin that made his golden eyes shine. They both had claws instead of nails and long furry tails swaying comfortably behind them. When they grinned at me, I was terrified to see fangs instead of straight rows of teeth.
      I licked my lips when my eyes wandered from their lean, firm muscles on their chest, to the largest erections I have ever seen in my life. I may have died and went to sex heaven.
      "Someone's been a baadd girl," the black werewolf said, his voice a deep vibration that sent shivers down my spine.

Word Count: 4,596

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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