Sweet Reluctance


[Reluctant, Non consent, Paid for sex, submissive, humiliation, oral sex, forced orgasm, older man younger woman, rough sex]

Like many older men, Josh has a thing for young women. However, where most fantasize about sexy young coeds who love sex, Josh's tastes are a little different. Rather than hot and slutty, he likes them to be girl next door types who are sweet, innocent and most importantly? Reluctant. So when his 19 year old house cleaner Tammy needs money he is more than happy to find out just how far she'll go to earn a little financial aid.


      “May I take your shirt off sir?”
      “I like that Tammy.” I nodded. “That’s the way to play, no bullshit, just you being a good little,” I smirked, “Slut.”
      I again saw that flash of anger in her eyes, but as she slid my shirt from my shoulders she whispered, “Yes sir.”
      “Yes?” I asked. “So you admit you’re a little slut?”
      “I…I’m a slut sir. I’m whatever you say I am.”
      “Good.” I told her, “Now what would a slut do next?”
      She dropped my shirt to the floor and closed her eyes. Her lips had that precious tremble going again and her breath was coming in short little gasps as if she were ready to cry. I started to tell her what to do, but stopped as she slowly sank to her knees. I looked down at her kneeling in front of me and felt my heart begin to beat faster. This would be the point of no return, if she didn’t quit now I would have whatever I wanted.
      From the looks of things I was going to get what I wanted as without being told, Tammy’s hands began to fumble with the snap to my jeans. Her hands were trembling so badly that it took her three tries to get them undone. I saw her take a deep breath then with a quick jerk she pulled my zipper down. I thought about telling her that she hadn’t asked, but decided to just let her go, I was too close to getting what I wanted to push too hard.
      Instead, I remained silent, watching her stare at my stomach as she tried to work up the nerve to continue. Her hands came up, grabbed the sides of my jeans, but stayed there.
      “Go ahead Tammy, keep going.” I said quietly, “You know what I want.”
      “Yes sir.”
      Turning her face away, Tammy tugged my jeans over my hips and slowly worked them down to the floor. When she had them all the way down, I lifted one foot at a time and she obediently slipped them all the way off. Coming back up, Tammy kept her head to the side, deliberately avoiding looking at the bulge and huge wet stain in my black underwear. Again I decided to let her work herself up to it rather than push. She nodded as if telling herself she could do this and after another deep breath, turned to face my crotch.
      “It’s so wet.” She said softly.
      “That’s because I’ve been thinking about this.” I answered.
      Tammy looked up at me and the sight of those pleading eyes caused my cock to jump.
      “Yes,” I said to her unspoken question. “You have to.”
      Tammy looked down and grabbing my underwear, slowly pulled them down. I was so hard that when she pulled my underwear over it, my cock sprang straight up. I was dripping to the point some of my sticky pre cum flew off of it and hit Tammy in the cheek. I gasped as I couldn’t have planned it any better and the look of disgust on her face was priceless. She jerked back and her hand immediately went to her cheek.
      “Leave it there.” I snapped harshly enough that she froze. “That’s exactly where it belongs,” I grinned. “All over that slutty little face of yours.”
      “Y…yes sir.”
      I sat down in the chair and gestured for her to come closer. Tammy slid on her knees until she was directly between my legs. Her eyes were fixed on my rather sizable cock and I saw her swallow hard as she imagined it going inside of her.
      “Are you just going to stare at it?”

Word Count: 18,370

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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