Debonair Playboys


[billionaire, exhibitionism & voyeurism, public humiliation, domination and submission, double penetration, ménage, reluctant, sex in public]

Have you ever seen the movie about the innocent young woman who is swept into a world with riches, passion, and power that are beyond her understanding?

That's not what this is. This is the story of how I infiltrated a private fetish event and ended up submitting myself to a public humiliation experience with two alpha males: Billionaire playboys Anthony and Dante.

Join me.


      As soon as the debonair billionaire playboys walked on the stage, all the female audience screamed. I fought against the crowd pushing forward to hide in the shadows, hoping they wouldn't see me.
      Instead, their eyes locked onto me almost immediately. The intensity of their gazes sent cold shivers down my spine. Their wordless gaze promised the pleasures and humiliations of public domination.
      "Join us."
      "Yes, you in the black dress," the corner of his eyes crinkled up in amusement at the look of fear on my face.
      "Oh no! I'm not a participant! I'm just here for a friend. I'm not a participant..."
      The crowd's excited screams drowned my protest. I could barely move my limbs, my body quickly becoming public property. I was swept off my feet, quite literally, and lifted into the air. The enthusiastic crowd carried me forward like a wave, though the motion was far from comfortable. It was a bizarre feeling, to be completely helpless as I am forced to relinquish control of my body.
      Each small bump made me fear for my life. I was afraid of being dropped onto the ground as hands continued to push me forward. I had strangers touching me in places I normally won't let people touch until at least the third date!
      My body was in the air. My arms, legs, back, thighs, bottom, and shoulders were gripped and pushed into the direction of the stage. I felt the stranger's fingers on my helpless body and closed my eyes, willing this to be a dream.
      I gasped when my dress hitched upwards and hands gripped my naked thighs. A few more inches upwards and they would expose my fondness for g-strings.
      Before that could happen, they set me down on my feet and I stumbled ungracefully to catch my footing. Blood rushed to my head and Anthony caught me before I could fall on my face. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and kept me upright.
      "Good evening, little puppet," he whispered into my ears. The deepness and gruffness of his voice rippled through me and I was immediately enslaved.
      "What shall we do with her?" Dante addressed the crowd.
      Like trained little puppets, they responded, "Strip! Strip! Strip!"
      My breath hitched in my throat and my heart pounded against my chest rapidly. "Do you think we should do that, little one?"
      My voice did not feel like my own and I said in a soft murmur, "yes."

Word Count: 7,495

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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