Shameless Submission


[Blackmail and reluctant consent, interracial double penetration, BDSM, exhibitionism, domination and submission]

Pamela Fleming has heard all the rumors about her handsome billionaire boss, Jonathan Daniels. Controlling but brilliant, the devastatingly good-looking hunk has enough arrogance to power an entire city and then some.

Thankfully, she has never had reason to cross paths with him. That is, until she unwittingly botches a multimillion dollar deal. Now she realizes that she has to do whatever it takes to keep her job, even if it includes surrendering herself completely to his demands.


      "I thought you were going to fire me," I answered honestly.
      He nodded, "The board considered that for a while, yes," he said. "But I convinced them that keeping you with us is the best course of action to take."
      I was surprised he came to my defense and asked him why he did so.
      His lips curved into a small smile, "because you will never make the same mistake ever again."
      That was true enough. I didn't know what to say to that and chose to keep quiet.
      "Now for your punishment," he said conclusively.
      I gulped, anticipating all the late nights I will have to pull in the coming months, the reduced salary, and the demotion.
      "I would like you to submit yourself to me completely," he stated as if it were the most natural demand in the world.
      I gulped, wondering if I had somehow misheard him, then decided that while my judgment may not be the best, my hearing was perfect. "How so?" I asked finally, not quite sure about what he wanted me to do.
      "I want you to play by my rules until the end of today. You will take orders from me and only me, and it will involve a series of tasks that you may find utterly uncomfortable but incredibly arousing." He licked his lips, an action that made my insides clench.
      "These are my rules," he said, opening his arms wide and resting them on the couch, "if you decline, which you are allowed to do, you can leave the company and never come back."
      I weighted my options, knowing full well that news of my mistake has travelled far and wide to any company that would have fitted me and make it impossible for me to seek employment elsewhere. I finally settled for, "why?"
      He grinned, "because I've wanted to fuck you senseless the first time I laid eyes on you, all prim and proper," he said honestly with a savage smile that send shivers down my spine. "Since the company frowns upon banging the hot employees, I'll have to settle for negotiating my way into your pussy."
      I felt a blush crept up my chest to my cheeks at his obscene manner of speaking, completely surprised by his audacity. I found myself hating his underhanded way of courting me while being absolutely turned on.
      In any case, it would only be for the end of the day. I nodded, then realized that he couldn't see me, and said, "I accept."

Word Count: 5,408

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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