[Dub-consent, Exhibitionism, Sex while neighbors watch, sex at the balcony, Interracial, Group (Menage), BDSM]

"Take off your towel and open your window curtains."

When Claire gets a call from an unlisted number, she does not know what to think of it. The mysterious husky voice at the other end of the line has a unique proposition for her. For every task she completes, he will bank $10,000 into her account.

Shy and naive Claire leaps into a world of exhibitionism, domination, discipline, and voyeurism. Just how deep into the rabbit hole is she willing to go for money?


      My apartment door opened abruptly. I swiveled in the direction of the door, crying out in horror when the two masked men walked cornered me quickly, each grasping one of my hands.
      "Please! I'm sorry!" I gasped, only for my pleas to fall onto deaf ears. They cuffed my hands to the railing, bending me forward so that my breasts were level to the ground and my bottom was jutted out lewdly.
      "Your disobedience must be punished accordingly," one of the men stated, his voice a deep, husky tone that sent shivers down my spine.
      I whimpered as he put a blindfold over my eyes, obscuring my view. I heard the sound of my neighbor's door opening and the unmistakable gasp of Jessica from next door.
      "Kinky," Jessica said, laughing.
      "Oh god," I mumbled, humiliated by the idea of my nakedness being seen by my college neighbors.
      "Lassie, you've got to come see this," she shouted.
      "God, please no," I sobbed. I cried out as the man smacked me across my bottom with the palm of his hand, making my butt bounce obscenely. His hand came down on my naked butt, the surprise and stinging on my bottom making my pussy ache with need.
      "This is your first punishment so we will be gentle," he said. "Ten smacks on your butt and tits. Do you understand?"
      When I didn't respond, he pinched my nipples, making me scream in surprise. "Yes!"
      "Yes, what?" he twisted my nipples.
      "Yes, sir," I sobbed, feeling completely helpless in their hands. I was startled when he started slapping my bottom, his partner joining in to smack my tits, a mixture of pain and pleasure sending my mind reeling. I tried to squirm away, but my hands were locked firmly on the railing.
      My body was heating up, my pussy quivering and opening up to their rough touches...

Word Count: 4,501

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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