Those Dirty Victorians #2 - In The Dungeon Of Dorian Gray


[Victorian erotica, bdsm spanking submission restraint, first time virgin defloration, dorian gray, whipping birching nipple clamps, anal plug]

"It was as though he had looked into my heart and seen my deepest, darkest secret."

Young Lady Sylvia Hamilton is strikingly beautiful and fiercely independent. An orphan, her inheritance means that she can dismiss the parade of men queuing for her attention, and ignore the expectations that society has of young single ladies. Above all, she calls no man her master.

Until that is, she meets the enigmatic Dorian Gray.

Charming her at a dinner party, he whisks her away, but her dreams of romance soon descend into a nightmare. She discovers that Mr. Gray has very particular tastes and desires, and that he has chosen her to act them out upon. Shackled and shaved, Sylvia finds herself entering a world of domination and submission, where pain and pleasure unite in one delicious whole. Will she give into temptation and surrender her young body to him? Or will the twisted fantasies of Dorian Gray prove too much for her to bear?


      “You see, Sylvia,” he began, his hand still resting gently on my bare bottom, “I am a connoisseur of woman. I've had many – far too many to count – and I've come to recognise certain types. Not physical types – I'm not talking about blonds and brunettes, or short or tall. I'm talking about sexual types. And I had you down as a particular type the moment I saw you. You are what the French call a masochist. One who responds to and, indeed, becomes aroused by – pain. A pain-slut, to use a more vulgar phrase.”
      “What nonsense!” I cried. “I'm no such thing.” But there was a certain uneasiness in the pit of my stomach, as if his words were somehow tapping into a part of my subconscious that I had long repressed.
      “Oh really? Think back, Sylvia, think back. When you were in the nursery, and nanny put you over her knee and spanked you, was there not a small part of you that enjoyed it? When you fell over and grazed your knee, was there not a voice inside your head wishing that the injury were even worse, so you might truly savour the pain? When you first lit a match, did you not hold the flame to your bare skin and keep it there for a moment too long? Does any of this strike a chord?”
      “Shut up, shut up!” I shrieked, glaring back across my shoulder at him. “This is all lies! Filthy lies!”
      But of course, they were not. Everything he had said to me was entirely true. It was as though he had looked into my heart and seen my deepest, darkest secret. A secret so well hidden that even I had not known of it, until he had plucked it out and held it up to the light.
      He pulled his hand away from my backside. “Lies, you say. Well, there is only one way to find out. Perhaps we can re-kindle some of those childhood memories and awake the masochist within. And since your lovely bottom is already facing in the right direction, I have a very good notion where to start.”

Word Count: 9,680

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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