Punished By My New Boss


[office sex, short story, reluctant submissive female, bondage, threesome, interracial, exhibitionism, elevator sex]

Heather's new job as Jason Well's new personal assistant isn't what she expected. The fine print in her contract allows him to use her body any way he wants, which includes submitting her into the world of tight leather cuffs and carnal pleasures of delirious intensities over and over, every day from 8am to 5pm.

Will she be able to survive the ecstatic pleasures at the job she desperately needs, or will they be too much for her to handle?


      Kyle was wearing a white doctor's coat, minus the stethoscope around his neck, his ebony skin contrasting sharply against the white coat. He shrugged off his coat as he entered the office, apparently unaware of my presence. "Ready for lunch?" he asked, walking towards me in confident steps. His dark gaze quickly followed Jason and focused on me. I felt blood rush to my cheek in embarrassment as his eyes travelled from the tips of my toes to my exposed pussy, up to my exposed bosom and perky nipples. "Hello, beautiful," he said.
      I turned my head to the side to hide from his gaze, hyper aware that my pussy was oozing juices and quivering with need of release.
      "Go ahead," he said, gesturing towards me with his hand, "fuck her."
      To my surprise, Kyle lost no time in taking his pants off, letting his boxers bunch on the floor as he walked towards me.
      His arousal was obvious, his erect cock pointing towards me in all its massive glory. I threw my head back in pleasure when his cold hands touched the insides of my thighs and emitted a keening sound that made him even more rigid and engorged. He quickly climbed on top of me, his hands on kneading my breasts just as expertly as Jason had promised. My clit was peeking out, eager to be touched.
      He quickly sensed my need and pressed his fingers into my arousal, pumping in quick progression that made me buck my hips in ecstasy. I shuddered with desire, resisting the leather bondage that had me completely at his mercy. I was surprised to feel a second pair of hands on my clit, gently teasing my lips apart to allow Kyle to ease another finger inside my quivering pussy.
      Kyle relinquished his hold on my pussy and dealt with my engorged nipples, taunting the pink erect morsels with pinches and twists that sent me to a pleasure of unbearable heights. I pulled against my restraints, wanting to guide Kyle's erect cock inside of me instead of Jason's teasing fingers that withdrew and slid inside over and over, alternating between being engulfed in my folds and squeezing my throbbing clit...

Word Count: 4,844

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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