Acts of Pleasure


[erotic discipline, spanking, anal sex, figging, age play, oral sex, group sex, role play, orgy, bdsm, bisexual penetration]

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” an often quoted phrase that readily describes this account from self-confessed sex addict, Poppy Phoenix. Prepare to be amazed, shocked, amused, aroused and above all, entertained. Read Poppy's life story in this book and join her world of pleasure where she swings with her friends, seduces a young neighbour, fulfils her own dreams and others' fantasies with sex and romance. Poppy shares these events, some shocking and some amusing as she and her husband Steven, aka “The Pervert,” embrace the swinging lifestyle for their own pleasure.


      It’s green bin day in my part of the world. The garden waste is collected by the sexy men in their big crusher type lorry. I love watching my gardener, but he hasn’t been here this week, so I consoled myself with flirting outrageously with the men who turned up to take away our discarded greenery.
      Last week, they caught me in my PJs. This time, when they arrived, I made sure that I was outside doing the garden, fannying around with a few little pots of pretty flowers and bending over to show off my curves. We all enjoyed ourselves, and I became moist when I caught the truck driver’s eye.
      Very enjoyable indeed.
      I’m always amazed by suggestions that confessional stories are made up. There’s no need for fantasy. With so much opportunity for the real thing, all a girl has to do is be in the right place at the right time, in the right frame of mind and stranger sex is easy...
      I used to visit a man at his house near to where I lived, although he was local, we met on an Internet dating site, each of us surfing for a fuck buddy. I found him incredibly handsome. He had prematurely grey hair; it suited him and funnily enough, didn’t age him. Thankfully, his photograph was a true likeness because I have had one or two surprises, to say the least, when my blind date turned up, either because they had used pictures twenty years out of date, or photographs of someone else. I fucked them all anyway.
      Arranging to meet Luke at his place, I booked a taxi because I fancied a drink. I had known Luke for quite a while by then, so I didn’t bother with the usual caveats. The driver watched me in his rear-view mirror, eyes fixed on my tiny black skirt and sheer nylon stockings. The whole ensemble completed with flamboyantly uber-high heels effortlessly achieving the sluttish look I was aiming for when I chose the outfit.
      Luke’s house was to die for. Having spent a few years getting it exactly as he wanted, he had succeeded in creating a home that most people would adore living in. I revelled in visiting him, it was one of the reasons I kept him on my fuck buddy list for such a long time. The secluded garden was stunning, with a massive patio, where we could fuck, day or night because he had no close neighbours and the house backed onto an area of woodland.
      We had some brilliant open-air fucks in that wood, one of our favourite pastimes was for him to tie me half-naked to a tree at dusk, with the risk of somebody just happening along. Luke had to be fully dressed, his power over me part of the turn-on.
      I relished the fact that he only need get his cock out of his pants before fucking me hard, the bark of the tree-trunk scratching my back as he shagged me. The rougher the better, never failing to make me come, the risk of discovery made my heart race, blood pulsating in my ears. I was invariably on the edge of orgasm even as he secured the ropes...

Word Count: 59,344

  • Manufactured by: Poppy Phoenix

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