Power Play


[BDSM, interactive, choose your own adventure, billionaire, domination, rough]

Samantha is an ambitious career girl who works at the most demanding law firm in town. Her boss is a stern attorney named Jace Stone who sends mixed messages by acting like a caring humanitarian one minute, and a sadist the next. One thing is for sure, though: between his good looks and renowned reputation, he turns the head of every girl who enters his office. After three years of putting up with Jace’s infuriating behaviour, Samantha decides to stand up to him and challenge his dominance both professionally and sexually.

“Power Play” is an interactive e-book. During Samantha and Jace’s romantic encounter, you will be able to choose which character plays the dominant role and which is submissive.


      Jace’s manhood was already fully hard, but the sight of Samantha’s voluptuous curves and the perky nipples at the center of her broad areolas made his shaft burn. As he stood there mesmerized Samantha reached behind him and picked up the champagne bottle off the desk. Jace’s eyes widened more as he watched her pour another glass’s worth of champagne over both breasts. Sparkling streams flowed over her mounds and splashed over her stomach muscles undoing all of Jace’s work.
      He coughed and said, “Do you have any idea how expensive that bottle is?” Samantha looked at the label and then put the bottle back down. She traced her index finger down the valley between her breasts and said, “Better not waste it then.”
      Jace stepped towards her and grabbed her underneath her arms yanking her towards him as he forced his mouth over a drenched nipple. He sucked it hard and grazed her skin with his teeth. Pushing her back again he licked the crevice where the bottom of her breast met her ribs. His hands slid over her wet skin and squeezed her tits firmly.
      Samantha tilted her head back and let Jace have his way with her. His forceful hands and aggressive tongue ploughed over her soft flesh. The feeling of Jace’s hands rubbing against her naked skin and his warm mouth expressing his need for her made her glow from within. Her breasts, and the heart that beat beneath, burned with passion.
      He pulled back, took a breath and caught her beaming at him. Samantha’s stomach was still coated in champagne, but Jace stood up straight and said, “Is my punishment over?”
      Samantha looked at him mischievously and said, “The question you should be asking is, do I deserve to be punished?”

Click one of the links below to choose what happens next:
2. You choose for Samantha not to retaliate.
3. Samantha continues to punish Jace.
4. Samantha lets Jace punish her.

Word Count: 12,200

  • Manufactured by: Amelia Moore

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