Ravished By The Spies


[victorian bdsm erotica, domination submission bondage, rough abducted prisoner, hardcore sex]

For Queen and Country, Felicia must be prepared to sacrifice anything.

Tasked by her shadowy spymaster employer to deliver a secret message, she finds herself taken captive by three foreign agents. Her life is in danger, but first they intend to use her for their pleasure. To fulfill her mission she must submit to their twisted passions, and learn to embrace both pleasure and pain.


      “Here. Pass me that cord,” he grunted. Argyle passed him a thin rope, which he used to bind my wrists. He then wound the cord around the table a couple of times so that I was held firmly in place.
      “Now, let’s see what this little whore has got to offer,” Argyle snarled. He picked up the knife that had been discarded by Cobbett. I froze in fear as he brandished it, fearing for my life. But he did not mark me with it, instead using it to cut off my clothes. First he sliced away my outer garments, then sawed through the strips of cloth that bound my breasts. Finally, he cut away my drawers. I trembled, goose-bumps breaking out of on my skin as my nakedness was revealed.
      Argyle gave out a low whistle. “Fuck. She’s a peach. I bet her cunt's tighter than a London back-alley.” He lifted me slightly and closed a sweaty palm around my breast, kneading and squeezing my firm flesh. Despite, or perhaps because of his roughness, my nipples began to harden, responding to his coarse caresses. Argyle laughed. “Little whore wants it too. Nips are standing to attention, good and proper.”
      Durand approached me from behind. “Out of the way. I want first bite of the cherry. Isn’t that right, ma Cherie?” He gave my arse a slap, causing me to whimper.
      But it was Cobbett who had the final word. “Gentlemen, stand aside. You may have your fun in a moment, but that sweet little arse of hers is far too pale and pasty for my liking. It would look a lot better with a few red stripes across it.” He had removed his belt and folded it over, holding it in his hand. I realized with horror that he intended to lash me with it.

Word Count: 6,094

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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