Blackmailed By My Neighbor


[Gay BDSM, Gay Bondage, Gay Domination, Gay Spanking, Gay Punishment, Gay Submission, Sex Toys, Gay Sex, Gay Humiliation]

Trace is in deep trouble when he decides to grow some marijuana in his backyard, and he gets busted by his attractive alpha-male neighbor. Mr. Rogers is a 40ish widower who’s been without sex way too long. Now he sees a chance to teach Trace a lesson, and get some hot forbidden gay sex in the bargain! Download “Blackmailed By My Neighbor” right now!


      Trace lives with his uncle and takes care of him. He works nights as a waiter and can’t seem to make ends meet. But his uncle does have a very secluded garden out back, so he figures it would be the perfect place to grow a little something to supplement his meager income.
      That is, until he hears a loud banging on the backdoor! It’s Mr. Rogers twirling around a strange looking leaf in his hand. Uh ohhh, busted!
      Mr. Rogers is a hot 40-something year old widower who’s also quite the alpha male! Threatening to call the cops, Trace begs and pleads with him not to.
      Then Mr. Rogers takes a lingering once-over look at Trace with twisted thoughts running through his lonely head. There’s this hot young stud who is begging and 'willing to do anything!'
      "Please, Mr. Rogers, Carl, please don't turn me in, I'll pay you, I'll do anything, please don't call the police!"
      He smiles and answers, "I don't want your money, but I like this subservient, pleading side of you and I think something can be arranged."
      What lewd and twisted arrangement does Mr. Rogers have in mind for Trace?

Download “Blackmailed By My Neighbor” right now!

Word Count: 6,304

  • Manufactured by: Buck Wilde

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