An Erotic Birthday


[fisting, group sex, erotic situations, bondage, anal, girl-on-girl, multiple partners, hardcore sex]

Sam has started the tradition of giving Jill an erotic birthday surprise every year. This year, they are flying to New York for the opening of a live erotic play. After the play, when Sam has stripped her naked and tied her to the bed, the action gets hot. With her lying there helpless, Sam introduces her to Grace and Tony, and the three of them take her hot and hard in every combination she has imagined.


      Jane found it wonderfully insane that her first trip to New York was a present and for her sexual pleasure. She was curious about this play. The theater was small, intimate and there was no marquee outside.
      “You have to know about the play to even find out where the theater is,” he told her.
      “How did you find out about it?”
      “Through people online. There’s no real advertising.”
      She could see why. Starting with the first act the cast of four people, two men, two women, performed erotic acts. The story involved two couples discovering the limits of sexuality, hesitantly at first. Swapping partners for masturbation, then fucking. The naked bodies of supple women and young studs proved arousing to each other and the audience. In the seat next to her, a lanky blonde was breathing in ragged gulps as a couple on stage fucked on a balcony in the library. The man next to her had his hand under the woman's skirt.
      No slouch himself, Sam ran his fingers over the crotch of her panties during the first act. The silken feel of them pressed into her was incredible and by intermission Jill's panties were soaking wet. "Go to the ladies room and take off your panties," Sam whispered.
      She walked through the crowd and managed to get into a bathroom but the stalls were all taken, and there were lines of women waiting.
      The lanky blonde who had the seat next to her came in and looked around disdainfully. "Fuck if I'm waiting on these bitches," she said. She hiked up her dress and pulled down her panties, stepping out of them and then stuffing them in her purse. "That's all I came for anyway," she said and walked out.
      Jill shrugged and did the same. No one paid her any attention.
      When the theater went dark and the curtain went up, Sam put his hand in her lap, pulling her dress up above her pussy. She squirmed in her seat as he fondled her, slowly, slowly working his fingers into her. As she writhed contentedly, she glanced at the blonde in the seat next to her. She had bent over the lap of the man in the seat beside her, holding his hard cock and taking it in her mouth.
      Glancing back at the stage, the actors were talking about their experiences, explicitly as they jerked themselves off. Jill's mind was overwhelmed, and with Sam’s fingers dancing in her pussy, she rocked her head back and came.

Word Count: 5,200

  • Manufactured by: Nicola Nichols

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