Those Dirty Victorians #1 - Her Sinful Punishment


[victorian bdsm erotica, spanking submission domination, punishment discipline bondage, first-time virgin deflowered]

Mary has always been a good girl. But hunger has made her desperate. Caught stealing, she must face justice.

But the town constable has an intriguing proposition. She can go to court and stand trial—or she can take his more personal punishment. His brand of discipline involves pain and humiliation—but also intense pleasure and delights of the most sinful kind…


      She felt something leather caress her bottom and fear took hold. It would hurt more than Mr. Miller’s palm, Mary was sure of it, especially as her buttocks were sore from the spanking.
      “Does it hurt very badly?” Mr. Miller asked and Mary nodded vigorously before finding her voice. “Yes, sir.”
      “Bring your right hand to your clit.”
      The command took Mary completely by surprise, but she complied.
      “You do not have to count these, but you are to rub and tease yourself while I flog you, is that clear?”
      Mary knew that she wouldn’t be able to stand it. It had been hard enough to concentrate on thinking and talking when Mr. Miller spanked her, she would not be able to tease herself. “Yes, sir,” she whispered, barely loud enough to hear, because Mr. Miller was expecting a verbal answer.
      “Go on, then. Play with yourself,” he said when Mary kept her hand still, her fingers resting lightly on her clit. Mary took a deep breath and tried to calm herself, but even the anticipation of what was to come was too intense. Still, she did not want to push Mr. Miller any further, to disappoint him even more, so she started to rub her clit slowly and carefully.
      The first strike with the flogger was lighter than Mary had expected. It still stung, but in a completely different way than Mr. Miller’s palm had. The pain was sharper, the leather strands felt like pinpricks on her skin. Mary teased herself just hard enough to feel the first little frissons of pleasure.
      The flogger came down again and again, and Mary lost count quickly, rubbing her clit harder after each lash, trying to counter the pain with pleasure. The more she played with herself, the better it felt, but it also made it harder to keep herself up on one elbow. She was shivering and trembling from the exertion, the pain and the pleasure. It would be too much soon, she wouldn’t be able go on.
      No matter how hard or fast she rubbed, she wasn’t able to overcome the pain. It softened the sting a little, but didn’t take it away completely, keeping her teetering on the line between those two intense sensations.

Word Count: 6,023

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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