Those Dirty Victorians #3 - Little Lily Loses Her Innocence


[victorian bdsm erotica, bondage humiliation submission, spanking whipping pain, threesome menage double-penetration, virgin first-time deflowered]

Lily is frustrated. Eighteen and beautiful, she has suitors cuing up to woo her. But her father will not have it. She is to be respectable, a spinster who cares for her sick mother.

So Lily rebels. She heads for the docks, looking for sailors to satisfy her dark fantasies. She wants to be treated like a harlot—but she has no idea what she's getting herself into…


      With that, the men pushed her up against the brick wall. Lily gasped at their rough handling of her. Within moments they had her stripped her completely naked, shredding her clothes in their eagerness to get at the flesh beneath. She covered her breasts with her arms, now unsure if this had been a good idea. She felt, exposed, vulnerable. Yes, it was exciting. But did she really want to surrender her virtue against the wall of some filthy alley?
      She looked at the two men who were leering at her, suddenly indignant. How dare they treat her like a common harlot? The black sailor came closer and she slapped him hard across the face. He only smiled at her as he grasped her elbows, pulling them apart to reveal her pert young tits.
      “You like it rough, eh? Me and my friend here will accommodate ya, in all your holes.” He picked her up and threw her up onto a box, putting her bare slit level with his face. The Englishman smiled, eyeing her cunny hungrily. The black sailor spread Lily’s legs and lit into her pussy with his tongue. Lily gasped, hardly able to believe it was really happening. A man was pleasuring her in a way she had never even imagined possible. She didn’t care right now if she burned in hell. If only her father could see her!
      Lily grabbed him by the ears, trying to get her pussy as close as possible to his wicked tongue. He pulled her roughly towards him on her bare bottom, but she hardly cared as the wood scraped her smooth skin. She wrapped her legs around his neck as he continued to lap at her clit, spreading her silken folds apart with his tongue. The black sailor grabbed her ankles he unwrapped her legs from around his neck, then lowered her down slowly as he turned her to face the English sailor. The Englishman was stroking his cock as he watched his crew-mate pleasure her. The black man bent her over, putting her level with the bearded sailor's cock.

Word Count: 6,023

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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