Dark Hearts & Dirty Secrets #5 - Ravishing The Flower Girl


[victorian bdsm erotica, domination submission humiliation, spanking caning blindfolded, menage double-penetration mfm]

Beatrice is desperate. No one will buy her pretty flowers, and that means that she will go hungry.

Then a coachman approached her with an offer. His master will pay for her services. He wants Beatrice to surrender her virtue to him. He isn't going to be gentle—and it seems the coachman wants a piece of the action too…


      “Oh Milord!” she cried, her voice husky with need. She found herself spreading her legs further as he began kissing down her body. He was still pumping his cock into her, and every thrust made her cry out. Milord held her as if she was lighter than air, his strong arms supporting her back as if she were a lover upon a dance floor.
      Suddenly the door of the coach was flung open. Her nipples hardened from the cool air and she gasped in shock as she saw a figure outline in the doorway. It was the coachman, his hard cock held in his hand and lust in his eyes. Beatrice was so turned on, her body filled with desire to plummet over the edge of reason into sexual depravity.
      Instead of protesting she found herself beckoning the coachman into the carriage, inviting him to join in. He smiled wickedly, reaching out and massaged her breasts then suckled on the nipples. Beatrice moan in ecstasy, and it was this that pushed her over the edge. She shrieked as her climax surged through her. She was trembling all over, limbs weak and feeble as pleasure overwhelmed her. She was vaguely aware that Milord had withdrawn from her, and was now standing over her, a devilish grin on his face.
      “Now for the real sport to begin,” he growled.
      With the coachman’s help, he gently blindfolded her and bound her wrists. Not knowing what to expect, every one of Beatrice’s senses heightened. What did they intend to do with her?

Word Count: 6,050

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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