Out of Bounds


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She is a sexy young submissive with a loving but firm Master and an extremely high sex drive. She loves him and she loves sex; the more, the merrier. And for this horny little one, when her Master's away, his submissive will play. He's never put any restrictions on what or who she can do while he is away. His one rule is that she remains safe. But will she go too far? And just how far is too far?


      The girl was real pretty, even with her face all serious and intense. The guy behind her was thrusting hard now, the other one kissing her and tweaking her nipples, his free hand wanking his fat erection. The guy in my mouth pulled out and started to wank, telling me to open up. As I obeyed vaguely I could see others watching to see how good an aim he had. He groaned, throwing back his head, as his seed spurted at my face and I did my best to catch all I could in my mouth. He finished, rubbing his thumb over my bottom lip and then pushing it into my mouth. I looked into his blue eyes as I sucked it. He winked at me and moved away, another taking his place, my mouth wrapping around his hardness. He wrapped my long hair up in his fist and fucked my face hard, his fingers firm on the back of my head.
      The girl was moaning now, her partner grunting as he came inside her and her thrusts into my pussy were rougher and oh so good. Someone put a buzzer back on my painfully sore clit and oh! It was good. How many more I wondered? A large black man pulled the girl away from me, turned her around and hoisted her onto him, the strap on between them as he started to pump inside her. She undid it quickly and threw it aside, then wrapping her arms and legs around him, started to ride him frantically, her lips all over his mouth and his neck. “Mm god baby, yes fuck me,” she groaned, all her lady like control forgotten as his hands cradled her butt and he pummeled her over and over. The bald man moved between my legs and shoved into me, slipping easily into my warm slit. After that I lose total track of time and orgasms and men. I watched the girl as she had guy after guy and I was taken many more times, so much cum spilling in and on my body.
      Finally, the room was empty, except for the bartender. He untied me, helped me up. My legs were shaking and I was exhausted but pleasantly so. He took me to the first room I was in and as he made me a drink, I wondered how I was going to walk home with my clothes in shreds. He stood staring at me. I know what I must have looked like, covered in cum and hand marks, my long hair sticky and tangled. I felt so good but so guilty because you weren't there sir.

Word Count: 4,413

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