Breaking & Entering


[gangbang, dubcon, bondage, anal, double penetration, bareback, hardcore sex]

Breaking in is easy, but you never know exactly how it will go. She's good, and usually things work out, but when home invaders arrive, looking for the real home owner, she has to play along. Thinking she's the owner's girlfriend, they use her for a hot gangbang. She’s broken in, and now she's being entered in every hole.


      With a grin the tall man pulled his tee shirt over his head and came toward her. He sat next to her on the bed and ran a hand over her thigh from her knee to her pussy as he smiled at her. Then he took off his shoes and stood to take off his pants. He was hard, his cock thin and long like his body. He glanced at the bed with a practiced eye and grabbed her ankles. Raising them toward the posts at the head of the bed, he secured them in a second set of restraints just above those holding her hands, and then he put his face down to examine her exposed pussy and run a finger into it. Then he got up on his knees, brought his cock to her cunt and put his hands on her calves. Watching him between her legs, she caught a look of bliss come over him as he eased his cock into her and held it there.
      "Warm and cozy," he sighed. After a moment of this sexual meditation he began fucking her in a slow, steady rhythm. She wanted it harder, but refused to tell him and soon her body was going crazy, loving the steady fucking and wanting him to do something that would take her over the top, make her come. But he continued, dropping a hand to his hip, taking her in long strokes, looking down and watching his cock as it spread the lips of her pussy apart and filled her.
      Then he began jerking, banging into her faster, in short, hard thrusts and coming.
      The third man, Don, came into the room. "Most of it is junk. He paid a lot for it, but it ain't worth nothing used. I loaded the entertainment system and some other stuff though."
      "There's not much here, either," the blonde man said. "The best stuff, the valuable coins he could carry are gone. He must've grabbed what he could and run."
      "And left the house and fancy cars?" Tony asked. He reached over to undo her ankles so he could stretch her out and fondle her breasts, sitting beside her.
      The man shook his head. "All leased. He's clever. He tells the girl here to hang around, to make us think he's coming back, give him a head start." He slapped Don on the shoulder. "Well, you enjoy yourself while I report to the boss…see what he wants us to do. I'll call from downstairs."

Word Count: 4,300

  • Manufactured by: Nicola Nichols

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