Intern Gangbang 2: Senior Partners Have Their Turn


[reluctant gangbang, double penetration, DP anal sex, reluctant unprotected, first lesbian sex orgy, BDSM bondage, spanking punishment humiliation, deep-throat oral sex, femdom, alpha male, submissive woman, teenager slut gag]

After intern Rachel was tied up and gang-banged by the firm's junior partners she finds herself blamed for enticing them to do the deed, fired by the senior partner for the conference room gangbang session. She decides to keep her job by making a play for the boss, going to his home in her skimpiest dress. He's not alone, and everyone there decides to teach Rachel a hard, wicked lesson.


      He sighed, leaned against the door frame. "There's nothing to discuss, Rachel. Your intern position was terminated. We'll honor your summer stipend, supply you with a reference, but as I explained this morning, that sort of behavior cannot be condoned among our associates, particularly on business property."
      I stepped forward until I was almost leaning into Mr. Powers. I looked up at him, giving my best wide-eyed, innocent young girl face.
      "We strictly forbid physical relationships between employees, no exceptions. It's in all of our contracts, even senior management," I said, repeating what Mr. Powers had told me earlier today. "Isn't that what you said?"
      I leaned more, my breasts barely touching him.
      He sighed. "Yes, that's correct."
      I put my hands up on his shoulders. I could feel a small shudder roll through his body, though he managed to keep his face impassive.
      "Then why did I see Ms. Jacobs slip into your house a few minutes ago?"
      He stepped back, put his hands on my arms, squeezed slightly. "Rachel, you need to go."
      I glanced down, saw his cock bulging through his pants. I smiled, looked up into his face and gently touched his crotch.
      "Is that for me, then, or for Ms. Jacobs?"
      He sighed. Before he could say anything, she stepped up behind him.
      "Let her in, Eli," she said, her voice little more than a whisper.
      I could tell by his face Mr. Powers didn't like the idea, but he stepped aside, gestured for me to enter. I went in.
      She was dressed in a sheer black teddy…ah, now the coat makes sense. That's all she had on under the trench coat.
      "You're that intern, right?" she asked.
      I nodded.
      "The one in the video?"
      I felt my face flush. I had no idea Mr. Powers had shared it.
      "It's okay, sweetie, we had to watch it together this morning, before we decided what to do with you."
      "How many people saw it?" I was suddenly nervous, taken aback by the idea of that video, of me tied up and the junior partners gangbanging me in the conference room, getting into general circulation. I had no idea they were videoing when we did it, and I assumed this morning that only Mr. Powers had seen it, when he fired me.
      "Relax, just the two of us," Ms. Jacobs…Fonda…said. "We're the managing partners, the two of us had to watch it. Nothing personal, just business."
      She produced a memory stick, one that looked similar to the one Mr. Powers had the video on this morning.
      "Tonight, though, we were going to take another look, strictly for pleasure."
      I wasn't sure what to say. I'd come here to seduce Mr. Powers, then thought I had my chance to blackmail him when I saw the Dragon Lady enter his home. Now, standing here, I wasn't sure if she was teasing me in some cruel fashion or if she was serious.
      "Of course," she stepped behind me, leaned against me, her breasts pushing against my back, her mouth next to my ear as she whispered. "Now we have the real thing." She ran her hands along my shoulders, down my arms.
      My breath caught in my throat. I tried to keep a shudder from running through my body. I wasn't successful, and she laughed as she felt the shiver roll through me.

Word Count: 3,600

  • Manufactured by: Traci Wilde

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