Intern Gangbang 1: Junior Partners Have Their Way


[reluctant gangbang double-penetration, first anal penetration, deep-throat oral sex, BDSM bondage, spanking punishment, nudity public humiliation, MMMF, three-on-one group sex, orgy unprotected teenager, office sex]

Rachel is summer interning at a top ad agency. Tired of doing gopher work, she flirts with Nick, one of the junior executives, hoping that maybe he'll give her real work if she gives him a taste of how she might meet his more carnal desires. Soon Rachel finds herself naked, tied up, at Nick's mercy, and he decides to share her with friends who pound, spank, and take Rachel every way imaginable…


      Nicholas was sitting at the conference table, a goofy grin on his face. He loosened his tie, then slipped it from around his neck.
      "You are a beautiful creature," he said, leaning back in the chair. "Take your dress off."
      I felt my face flush, which caught me a little by surprise. I guess I expected…I don't know, kissing, maybe some sort of foreplay.
      I smiled, reached back and pretended I couldn't reach the zipper on the back of my dress. I turned, my back to Nicholas. "Help me, please?"
      Next thing I knew he was behind me, zipper down, dress on the floor around my feet. I closed my eyes, expecting his hands on my shoulders, maybe on my hips. Instead he unsnapped my bra. Instinctively I crossed my arms over my breasts. He leaned against me, from behind, and though he was still dressed I could feel his shaft, large and full, through his pants.
      He reached around me, grabbed my wrists and pulled them down, then behind me. I gasped when I felt his tie wrap around my right wrist. I tried pulling away, but he was surprisingly strong.
      "Now, now, my pet, you wanted my help. You have to play nice." With that, he crossed my wrists, wrapped the tie around them several times, then tied it so tight I could feel my hands falling asleep already.
      He turned me around and kissed me, hard, his lips pressing against mine until it hurt. "Ow," I said, and tried pulling away.
      "Where do you think you're going, young one?" He bent down, scooped me up in his arms, and carried me to the table. He laid me there, on my back, my legs hanging off the end. It was uncomfortable, but…being tied, being manhandled…I found my heart beating faster, sweat was starting to bead up on my body, and I wanted more.
      Within seconds Nicholas was naked, standing at the end of the table. He lifted my legs…

Word Count: 3,720

  • Manufactured by: Traci Wilde

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