Make Me Beg


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, sex in public, domination and submission, bdsm, bare bottom spanking, hardcore sex]

Gwen wants her life to be simple.

Strong, independent Gwen is content with her simple life…until she meets sexy billionaire, Dominic Rook. The undeniable attraction between them burns with a passion so hot it scorches. But there is a secret behind his dark eyes that makes her blood pulse with fear. Even the confident bombshell is not sure if she can handle him…and she's not sure if she wants to.

Dominic wants to make her his.

But she is nothing like the submissive women he is used to. He knows he should stay away from her. There's only one problem. The harder she pushes, the more he wants her. And once she finds out the truth about him, will she push him away for good? Can he make her look beyond the pain for the pleasures within?

Jane just wants the world to burn.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This BDSM standalone features a strong heroine and an alpha male. It contains toys, steamy bondage scenes, and a HEA. Told from his and her pov.


      "I'm the only one who gets to touch you."
      "Yes, Sir."
      His hands trailed down my naked body, tied spreadeagle on the soft bed. His long fingers lingered on my stomach before moving down to my hips, both hands pushing down.
      "I'm the only one who gets to tease you."
      My burning skin absorbed the feel of his fingers, aching tension building where his touch stopped.
      His weight rested on me and I arched my back to better accept him. "Say it," he whispered against my ear, setting my skin aflame with lust.
      "Yes. Whatever you say, Sir."
      He cupped my sex with one hand, fingers on my throbbing folds. My clit was already engorged with need. The bold caress of his tongue on my neck made my breath catch in my throat.
      "I'm the only one who can fuck you, if I choose."
      Fingers penetrated deep into my folds, buried in my sweet heat. I mewled in response, clutching the rope tightly as I felt my barrier of resistance crumbling.
      "Yes, Sir," I cried out with a clear tremor in my voice.
      "Only I can make you cum and fuck any hole I wish."
      My brain wouldn't focus and I trembled with a need that screamed for release. My eyes widened at the implications of his last words. "Wait a second." All the desire in my voice was gone in a second, shattering the moment into a million, unsalvageable pieces.
      His expression steeled when I stopped playing his game of words. "Say it," he said, his voice deeper, closer. It oozed with danger.
      "You said, any hole you wish," I protested. "I've never had anal before. I'm not going to let you-"
      His hand clamped over my mouth, preventing me from finishing my sentence. There was a deep primitive tug in his eyes that drew me in. "Say it." He pulled his fingers out of me, then entered me slowly, reminding me who was in charge.
      "No," my protest was muffled by his palm on my lips, but audible nevertheless. I refused to let him take full control of my body. My body, my temple.
      "By the time I'm done with you, anal or no anal," he pressed his fingers deep inside me. He lowered his hand from my mouth to my breast, palming it tightly. "You will be begging me to take you." The feathery strokes of his tongue against my skin brought a fierce flare of yearning from deep inside me. I refused to let the desire take control of my mind.
      "Go ahead," I challenged. "Make me beg."

Word Count: 16,861

  • Manufactured by: Lexi Hush

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