Billionaire Black Bull


[cuckold humiliation, wife sharing & watching, gangbang, domination and submission, spanking, exhibitionism & voyeurism]

In a desperate attempt to salvage their business, Eva offers to make a deal with Adam, a billionaire playboy who wants to use her body in ways her husband has only dreamed of.

Unbeknownst to her, the kinky billionaire is recording and streaming their entire exchange to her husband, Nathan. He watches as she is taken hard by not just Adam, but two other men, eager to satisfy their lust... And she is loving every second of it.

This standalone short contains cuckold humiliation, interracial themes, cuckolding, wife sharing & watching. Written from both his & her perspectives.


      "Good evening," an unfamiliar voice stated. "There's a sexy woman in my bar, her dress so tight against her breasts that I can see her nipples even with my shitty video cam. She has a drink in her hands and I can tell she's nervous by the way she keeps crossing and uncrossing her long, sexy legs. She's looking up at the camera, straight at me."
      I was half a second from putting the phone down and brushing the call off as another psycho before he captured my attention entirely.
      "Nathan, I can't help but notice that your lovely wife is waiting for me at the bar and you're not here with her," he said, his voice a grating growl that made me want to hang up the phone immediately.
      I knew who I was talking to. The great and powerful Adam Black, my antithesis capable of ruining my life with a snap of his fingers.
      "Why is that, Nathan?" he asked.
      "That's none of your business," I wanted to shout, but it was his business. It concerned both our businesses.
      "I think she's here to take the deal and hand the business over, Nathan," he said, his voice so full of confidence that I felt like a lost little boy.
      I kept quiet.
      "I'm a good man, Nathan. You see, I'll keep the same offer I gave you and your wife last time, even though I know your business is going down the drain. Do you know why, Nathan?"
      The way he kept repeating my name made my blood boil. I wanted to take my phone and hurl it against the wall, breaking it into a million pieces. Instead, I held onto it so tight that I could feel my knuckles straining. The least I could do for my wife was listen to his bullshit till the end. We needed this.
      "Why?" I asked through gritted teeth.
      "Because I'm going to fuck her first. I'm going to make her wrap her sweet mouth around my black cock and worship me. I'm going to fuck her mouth, then her pussy, then her mouth again. Then I'll fuck her tight white ass while one of my bouncers fuck her pussy. By the time I'm done with her, she'll be begging for more. You know why?"
      His words stroked my whole body and I swallowed hard. It was all I could do to force out the single-worded response, "Why?"
      "Because she's going to enjoy every fucking moment, you pathetic white pussy," he laughed. "But I'm feeling magnanimous today. I'll even let you watch."

Word Count: 11,733

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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