The Highwaymen's Plaything


[three way gangbang, rough sex, Victorian historical erotica, menage, innocent and inexperienced]

Elena is a young Victorian bride. Newly wed, she should be happy, but instead she is deeply miserable. Her husband is old, fat and impotent, and is unable to fulfill his husbandly duty. Elena is left to fantasize about the touch of a real man…

But be careful what you wish for! Travelling through the forest, their carriage is waylaid by highwaymen – three brutal thugs with a taste for plunder – and a taste for pretty young girls. Innocent Elena soon finds herself being shared by the three criminal as they roughly take what they desire. As her lust and animal passions awaken, Elena finds her true self – as the Highwaymen's Plaything!


      "W… what're you…?" Elena tried to speak.
      "Hush, darling. Just lay there." He positioned himself, and she then understood what he had in mind. She thought to scream as his cock lined up with the opening of her asshole, but instead she just closed her eyes. She was just a toy, as Will had said. A toy to be played with, used, and then thrown away. He pushed inside of her, his heavy member stretching her hole to meet its size. She gritted her teeth at the pain, and tried to relax to ease his entry. No matter how hard she tried, however, her back door seemed to know that he didn't belong, and fought him all the way. Each inch was excruciating, each moment burned her anus and set her insides on fire. Finally, she felt his balls rest on her opening. He was inside her, every last inch.
      He allowed her no time to adjust before moving inside her. One thrust, two, three, and he had built up a new rhythm. Elena could feel the two men's cocks rubbing against each other between the wall that separated her ass hole and cunt. Jake battered and abused her ass like only a true animal can. Ren didn't have as much range of movement as his brother, but he could still ram inside of her, gripping her hips hard enough to leave bruises. She rocked back and forth, trying with all her might to bring back the image of the sweet man she had once been with. Every time she would come close, Jake would burrow inside her again.

Word Count: 5,014

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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