Absolute Humiliation


[cuckold, BBC, cuckold humiliation, domination and submission, revenge sex]

After years of soul-sucking marriage to my husband, Danny, I am finally the one in control. My billionaire uncle just died and left me with everything. This includes the services of a sexy black lawyer who is willing to do anything to make me happy.

My new bull's BBC brings me to new heights of pleasure and shows my husband just how bigger is better.

Oh, how the tables have turned!

This standalone short contains cuckold humiliation, femdom, bondage, and lots of toys. Step right in!


      "Louder!" I ordered, bringing the whip down on his bottom before he could retaliate.
      "FIVE!" he half-shouts, his grip on the chair was so tight that his knuckles were turning slightly white.
      "Do you know why you're being whipped?" I asked, lowering the whip so I could feel the small bumps of the whip marks on his soft skin with my fingertips.
      "Because of my attitude, Mistress," he responds numbly, his eyes still shut.
      "Look at me," I order.
      He looks up at me with eyes full of unshed tears. I feel my ego swell at the sight of his shameful gaze. It wasn't so much the pain of the whip against his buttocks as the humiliation of being whipped by the woman who used to lie down and let him fuck her anytime he wished.
      I smile wickedly at him and let myself enjoy the sight of his reddening buttocks. I make sure to keep my eyes firmly on his as I talk to Harold, "Didn't we get some toys for him, Harold?" My voice drips with a sweetness that makes my own insides quiver.
      I feel powerful.
      "Yes, Mistress," Harold responds. "The ball gag, butt plug, or the nipple clamps?" he asks.
      "Let's use the male chastity belt with the anal plug," I say, licking my lips as I recall the shiny metal and leather harness that made sure he has no access to his private parts.
      The fear on my husband's face is enough to send shivers through my spine. My pussy throbs with anticipation and I wonder if there's something else we can add to the humiliation.
      "We should lubricate his asshole first," Harold suggests stoically. If I wasn't here, I would've thought he was suggesting we have coffee for breakfast.
      "Why don't you do it?" I say sweetly, brimming with excitement. I want to see Harold show his massive cock to my husband and use his cock to lubricate his asshole.
      "Put this on him too," I grab a pink collar from under the couch and toss it at Harold.
      Throughout the whole thing, Danny has a look of fear on his face. He gets up and stares at the collar on Harold's hand.
      "I can't-"
      I slash the whip through the air and land it on his bum, quickly interrupting any protest that was going to come out of his mouth.
      When he turns his head to glare at me, I smile sweetly back and say, "Six."

Word Count: 9,707

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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