Punishing The Maid - Public Spanking Bundle


[interracial gangbang, exhibitionism & voyeurism, sex in public, caught having sex, dubcon bdsm bondage, domination and submission, bare bottom spanking, doctor examination erotica, outdoor sex, hardcore erotica]

18-year-old Ashley needs to be punished, and the strong alpha men are more than willing to discipline her.

This complete punishment bundle includes:
Caught Stealing
Public Spanking
Doctor's Exam

This 23,000 word bundle is filled with scenes that will have you writhing with pleasure. Written from her perspective. Join Ashley as she steps head first into the world of paddles, nipples clamps, whips, and bondage.


      "You are in no position to make demands," a stern voice scolded, reminding me of the predicament I found myself in. I felt a hand slide between the desk and me, reaching deeper and deeper until it was touching my sensitive nipple. I quaked on my feet and let out a shrill moan, already breathless.
      "You are very wet," another voice said with a slight chuckle, thumb meandering between my butt cheeks and touching my moist heat.
      I felt a finger touch my throbbing clit and a few fingers started touching me simultaneously, spreading my glistening fold so that my pussy was exposed to everything. A finger slid inside my wet pussy immediately, the wetness lubricating its way in.
      "It's wet inside as well."
      I gasped, trying to tilted my bottom away and towards the intruding fingers, unsure of what I wanted. A quick pinch on my nipple made me stop struggling immediately and utter a low moan of pleasure.
      "Would you like to be spanked bare hands, whips, or paddles first?"
      The fingers left me at the question and I whimpered at the sudden lack of pleasure. Another hand slide under me and pinched my other nipple. There were two men pleasuring my tits and it was impossible to answer the question in any language.
      I whimpered and moaned, my mind miles and miles away.
      A swat came down on my ass, causing me to jerk and squirm. The hand didn't move away immediately, resting on my bum and sliding low so that he could rub against my swollen lips.
      "Ohh," I moaned, leaning into the hand that I wanted to penetrate me.
      "Answer the question."
      "Ohh... ahh..." I stammered, trying to remember the options.
      The sound of the hand hitting bare flesh reached my ears before the pain reached my mind. Though the pain was immediately blown away by the fingers circling my folds. He took his hand away from my bottom and I was utterly abandoned.
      "Please, spank me with your hand!" I screamed, begging for the sensation to return to me. "I don't want the paddle!"

Word Count: 23,717

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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