Hucow Heights - Part 1


[lactation, hucow, human bulls, breeding, alpha male, BDSM, erotic romance, erotic stories, menage, erotic story]

When sexy alpha male, billionaire businessman George D. Cartesson stopped Catherine in the street, on her way to a department store for a larger bra due to her growing and lactating breasts, he offers a permanent job working as a milked hucow in his luxurious skyscraper; to be used by human bulls and paid well. Does she turn down his kinky request? She didn't hesitate! She couldn't wait to get started!


      Cath and Vicky woke in luxurious surroundings in their own bedrooms.
      “We've been here a day and wow, look, Vicky!”
      Cath peeled back her new bra and showed her friend the size of her boobs.
      “F***ing hell, girl, those tits are some of the biggest I've ever seen. Check mine out, they're not far behind yours in size. I'll catch up, you'll see!”
      She opened her blouse and the two women admired each other's perfect chest.
      “Would you mind if I touched them?” Vicky asked.
      “I've never had a woman touch them before, are you bisexual or gay then?”
      “I'm bi, yes. The first time I touched another female it felt wonderful. Are you bi or gay?”
      “I'm not sure to be honest,” Cath replied, “I mean I do find women attractive and I do sometimes get wet after watching a ménage situation for example, you know, three women together or two women and one man or one woman with two men. There's no end to a situation like that is there, and it looks a lot of fun.”
      “You know, there's a theory that all women are at least bisexual, and some choose to be full-blown lesbian. Others think lesbians are born lesbians. You can drive yourself crazy analysing it. All I know is that I find men attractive and women too. I don't label myself. I do what I feel and sleep with whoever I want if the opportunity presents itself to me.”
      Cath nodded hanging on her friend's every word, secretly wondering what her p***y would taste like.
      “So can I touch them? Do you mind?”
      “Of course you can. They are rather massive aren't they?”
      Vicky extended her hand and lightly touched Cath's left breast with her fingertips and then the other. Cath didn't expect to feel sexually aroused, but she felt the stirrings of pleasure between her legs as the woman's fingers moved toward the nipples. She stopped. “It's okay, you can keep going if you want. It feels wonderful. Maybe I am bisexual after all.”
      Vicky circled her full and heavy breasts with all fingers at the same time and then gently gave her nipples a little squeeze. A tiny droplet of milk appeared and it squirted onto her face.

Word Count: 11,215

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