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Jack Lemming's failure as a dom has proved to be the best thing that ever happened to him... Seduced by one saucy domme after the next, he can hardly keep up, and this is only the beginning. Over twenty thousand words of teasing, tantalizing action as Jack is pushed to entertain his Queens and accept his role of servitude. It all starts with his biology teacher that teaches him how to be a “good boy” before letting her friend take over, and what happens next will totally rock Jack’s world.


      “You know…as long as this stays between us… I've always thought you were...kinda cute,” said Jen, sitting across from me on my bed as I lifted the weight on my left.
      “Not allowed to tell anyone, and...thank you, Jen,” I replied, pumping the weight on my other arm. How long is she gonna make me keep this up…? It's been at least forty minutes now…
      The dull aches from yesterday had returned full force as well as the beads of sweat making their way down the sides of my forehead. I kept my head down, trained on my biceps, watching them grow and shrink. Occasionally, I managed to steal a glance from Jen and noticed her entirely enthralled expression… Throughout the entire session, she hadn't pried her eyes off of me and although I was only shirtless, it made me feel all the more exposed.
      She's not looking at me like the others… She's not looking through me or to me. She's looking right at me. What's so great about me…? Something's up… Something's...going to be up. Below, my cock twitched against my thigh, making me shift my legs to keep its activity hidden.
      “Um, Jen,” I said with a grunt.
      “Hmm… Hm? Wh-what is it?” she asked, shaking her head a little.
      “How much longer am I going to have to keep this up…?” I asked back, letting my arms rest for the brief moment that she wasn't looking.
      Her eyes narrowed. “Oh, I'm sorry… I thought when you said you'd 'do anything' that you meant it,” she said as she crossed her arms.
      “N-no! I did, I did… It's just that I'm getting kind of, well, gross...” I lifted an arm and wiped the sweat off on my forehead. Gah, please command me to take a shower next…
      She licked her lips, and jumped to her feet. “If you're going to be such a baby about it, I guess you can stop. But...” Jen said as she walked over to me, holding out her hands. “You're going to have to make up for it somehow...” I turned my head, trying to follow her movements, but she turned it back, walking behind me and resting her soft hands on my shoulders.
      “J-Jen...what are you d...” A finger came around to close my lips.
      “Shh… That's a command,” she whispered, sliding her finger down my lips and circling my chest. I bit my lip, my chest tightening to her touch. “I lied, Jack… I didn't just always think that you were cute,” she breathed into my right ear as her hands began to massage my shoulders, kneading the tense muscles and pulling me closer to her.
      Quietly, I let out a groan, unable to resist melting right into her masterful hands as they dug into me, pinpointing the exact spots I needed to subside the aches parading all over my body. “You were always...fucking hot,” she said right against my ear, grazing her teeth against its side before biting down. I gasped, jumping out of my seat a little, but she held me down and—in my state—I couldn't hope to fight back.
      “I didn't say that you could go anywhere,” she said dryly.
      “I'm sorry, I was just...” Her grip tightened on my shoulder and she grasped a handful of hair at the back of my head, yanking it. The sudden burst of conjoined pains made me clamp up, nearly biting through my tongue as she pulled my head backwards.
      “And I don't think I told you that you could speak.” Her voice, once light, had turned deeper… It was as if she was possessed by someone else or a different part of herself. As I sat there, helpless to her touch and at her mercy for the sake of upholding a promise, I felt a stray hand travel down my side and slow at my abdomen.
      My God… She's not... “Hmm! Hmm!” I whined through closed lips to which she finally released my hair, sending a sting to my roots.
      “Yes…?” she asked calmly.
      “S-stop! What about Luke…?! He's down there and he could wake up any mome--” A hand slowly slithered down to my thighs, and sank between them, spreading warmth from one leg to the other and provoking my steadily rising arousal to tent my loosely fitting shorts.
      “I'm sorry, what was that…?” she asked with a coy smile, reaching for the tent pitcher and wrapping a hand around it.
      “Ah...” I gasped, my fingers curling into fists and my nails digging into my skin. She's not going to stop… Just let it happen and she'll be handing over the phone… Luke won't even know. He's dead asleep. “N-nothing…”

Word Count: 21,000

  • Manufactured by: Silk Weaver

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