Toxic Love #1-3 - Toxic Love Book Bundle


[Erotic bundle, spanked in public, exhibitionism & voyeurism, bdsm, dubcon/reluctant, public humiliation, domination and submission, mfm, threesome]

One mistake can change everything.

In this complete Toxic Love bundle, Mia finds her entire life transformed when she is caught stealing from the infamous billionaire, Damon Davis. She is captured and taught a lesson she will never forget.

What started as a simple job turns into so much more when she is suddenly caught between two alpha males eager to dominate her. One wants to show her a world of pleasure while the other shows her the beauty in pain - and ropes.

Who will she choose? And who's saying she has to choose just one?


      When I woke up, the door opened and I lunged at it, only to realize that my hands and feet were bound with coarse rope. I felt a stab of fear in my chest as I fell dejected into the bed. The thought that someone had gotten in and tied me up without me noticing filled me with fear.
      The taste of metal was still heavy in my throat and my head ached. I was bound to get some sort of chloroform poisoning if they kept knocking me out that way. I knelt on the bed and bowed my head, willing myself to come up with a plan.
      I wasn't even wearing a shirt to cover my naked breasts. I felt humiliated and ashamed. Hot tears leaked out the corner of my eyes as the harsh ropes cut into my skin and I raised my head to glare at the intruder who woke me up.
      The man who entered was unfamiliar. He was wearing the same tell-tale outfit all the workers in Damon's mansion wore. The black man was expressionless as he walked towards me. He was as calm and taciturn as Damon, his face revealing nothing.
      "I'm sorry for your discomfort," he spoke with a thick African accent.
      "Let me go," I begged.
      "Master will see you soon."
      "Master Damon," he said, putting down the meal that was probably meant for me on the floor by the bed.
      My stomach growled at the sight of the well cooked steak and mashed potatoes with vegetables on the side. There was even a glass of red wine.
      "I can't eat without my hands," I said, sitting up to look at him. My cheeks flamed red from embarrassment, all too aware of my own state of undress.
      He gave me a long look, then walked behind me and began methodically working at the knots on my wrists. I considered fighting with him, but he was easily twice my size. He could hold me down without breaking a sweat.
      "Enjoy the meal," he said, deadpanned, then exited the room before I could think of a workable escape plan.

Word Count: 41,000

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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