Toxic Love #2 - Stockholm Syndrome


[sex in public, exhibitionism & voyeurism, bdsm, dubcon/reluctant, public humiliation, domination and submission, Stockholm syndrome]

All Mia wants to do is forget that she was ever kidnapped by a mysterious billionaire in the middle of a high-risk-job. Heartbroken, she falls straight into the arms of her partner, James.

Adamant to get her life back to normal, she dives right back into her work as a private investigator. The only problem is, her newest assignment puts her undercover in a company owned by none other than her kidnapper, Damon Davis.

Sparks flies and emotions run high, but what will Mia do when faced with an impossible decision? Go back to her kidnapper who can crumble every barrier of resistance in her veins and bring her to new heights of pleasure, or stay with the man who loves her?


      The door opened and I turned from the window to stare at the man coming in, my heart sinking at the image before me. He was nothing like what I had imagined. Instead of an obese, balding old man, the man who walked in was devilishly handsome. His light blue shirt was fitted, the thick muscles on his chest and arms contracting as he walked towards me.
      I moved towards him, extending my hand. A practiced smile was on my lips as I watched his dark blue eyes move from my face to my toes, focusing on my breasts for a moment longer than necessary before looking back up.
      "I'm Mia."
      He moved around me and I turned, walking towards the chair and hoping I'd make it before my legs gave out. My knees shook slightly as my heart beat wildly in my chest.
      I was not prepared to meet someone who looked so much like the man who kidnapped me. The scent of his cologne lingered in the air and I breathed it in deeply, coveting it. He even had the same masculine scent that could disintegrate panties.
      I sat down, interlinking my fingers on my lap. I wanted to jump n and start the conversation but he was staring at me with an expression that hinted he had something to say.
      "Your resume says you've had no job experience before?" he asked.
      "No, sir," I murmured demurely.
      "And you graduated with an Arts Degree?"
      "Yes, sir."
      "Mia. You and I both know the only reason you're here is because of your looks," he said, raising an eyebrow.
      This was embarrassing. Or it would've been if the qualifications weren't faked. I tried to look insulted.
      "I passed the online examination with almost full points," I defended. I had sat in front of worse interrogators. He was nothing.
      "Then you must be really smart," he said. Something about his gaze made me feel as if I was nude. I gulped. My mind raced for the most appropriate answer.
      "Yes," I whispered, my voice hiding from me. What was wrong with me? I could do better than that. "I scored better than 99% of the other candidates, which allowed me to skip two stages of interviews and brought me straight to you," I said.
      He turned his gaze towards me and I held my breath. My chest was screaming for air.
      "Hold that thought," he said, his attention diverted to the blinking light in the phone. He turned his back towards me and I let go of the breath I didn't realize I had been holding the entire time.
      I waited for him to leave the room to have his conversation. To my surprise, he merely walked to the window to walk.
      "I know you have a meeting tonight, but I've made us reservations at King's Diner," he said, sounding irate he even had to say it in the first place.
      I made mental notes about the interruption in my report. It was fortunate that I decided to wear a wire under my shirt today. I doubt the client would believe me if they didn't listen to the conversation themselves.
      I glanced up and inhaled sharply when I realized that his eyes were on me as he spoke.
      "Wear the red sequin dress I bought you last month. Yes, the one that you thought was too low."
      His predatory gaze made my skin break out in goosebumps. I averted my eyes toward the window, needing some air back into my lungs.
      "No underwear," he said suddenly, making me jump in my seat. My head snapped forward, eyes wide as the man simply stared at me. His expression was hard and threatening, as if he was talking to me. I crossed my legs, feeling a tightness grow between them.

Word Count: 14,000

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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