Toxic Love #1 - Billionaire's Captive


[spanked in public, exhibitionism & voyeurism, bdsm, dubcon/reluctant, public humiliation, domination and submission, virgin, menage]

Brazen and beautiful private detective, Mia Faye has never been caught doing anything illegal. That is, until she takes a new job and agrees to steal something deeply personal from an infamous billionaire, Damon Davis. After breaking into his mansion, she finds herself witnessing perverted acts involving a young woman and a group of strangers.

She steals what she needs and escapes, only to fall into the clutches of the mysterious man soon after. And what begins as a simple job turns into so much more...


      Everyone had gathered in the middle of the room and while I couldn't see exactly where Damon was, I could see what they were doing. Or rather, who they were doing.
      There were a dozen people surrounding a single young woman who was naked and fearful, gasping as she tried to escaped the circle, only to be tossed back again the moment she met a human barrier. The sounds she made echoed in the room and I had to clamp my hand to my mouth to stop from making a sound. I resisted the urge to tell them to stop whatever it was they were doing. I was here to take pictures, not be the voice of reason to whatever insanity they were up to.
      The woman cried out again when she ran into a large black man. He laughed, then twisted her around, spanking her buttocks to get her to run the opposite direction. She yelped and stumbled forward, the blindfold covering her eyes to prevent her from seeing anything.
      She had her arms in front of her, desperately looking for something to hold on to, but whenever she reached a person, she was groped tossed back into circle.
      Goosebumps rose on the back of my arms and I wondered what to do under the circumstances. Do I leave her in distress, or do I try and stop it? She didn't look like she was there willingly, but she also wasn't doing anything to pull her blindfold off. It didn't look to be wrapped so tightly over her eyes that it couldn't be removed with one swift yank.
      Her eyes were blindfolded with a single black cloth and her wrists were tied behind her back, forcing her to arch her chest forward. There were metal clamps on her nipples, pinching her areola tightly. A dark leather hung from the end of the clamps to link them together so that the people around her could pull at the strap, making her gasp and squeal in response to the sudden pain.
      Even from behind the shelves, I could see that she was shaved between her legs, the area above her pussy lips clear from hair.
      "Please..." she moaned as she turned and twisted, trying the find a way out of the circle. She bumped into a large man who grabbed the leather connecting her clamps and pulled, causing her to cry out loudly. She fell into his arms as shudders of pleasure overtook her and he laughed. He let her hang limply against his arm, then twisted her around so that her buttocks were pointed lewdly away from him.
      "One moment," a voice called out and I recognized it immediately to be Damon's.
      He appeared from the shadows, wearing the same tux I had seen him wear seven days a week. His tailor must be sick of that design by now.
      "Lilith," he said and the naked woman turned to him.
      "Yes, sir?" she whispered, her voice slightly raw from screaming.
      "You remember your safe word?"
      She nodded.
      "Do you want to use it?" he asked.
      "No, sir," she said earnestly, shaking her head to emphasize her refusal to stop.
      "Good girl."

Word Count: 13,000

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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