School of Discipline: The Complete Trilogy


[victorian bdsm erotica, historical erotica collection, spanking punishment discipline]

At St Severine's School for Turbulent Girl, young ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one are sent receive the discipline they so desperately require...

In these three sexy stories, three innocent and not so innocent young woman are punished for their sins....

Story 1: Punishing Penelope

Penelope may be from a good family, but her rebellious nature lands her in constant trouble. Finally, her parents have had enough, and send her to St Severine's for correction.

Story 2: Spanking Selena

Selena is eighteen, and is already wed. But she is simply too shy to perform her wifely duties. In frustration, her husband sends her to St Severine's.

Story 3: Taming Tabitha

Tabitha is a bad, bad girl. But at St Severine's, she is about to meet her match.


      “A spanking! How wonderful.”
      What on God’s earth was going on? I turned my attention back to the bizarre spectacle that was unfolding in front of me.
      Jessica’s panties were now around her ankles. Her bottom was smooth and white, but Professor Knott’s gnarly hand was now hovering over it, and I suspected that it would not remain unmarked for long.
      His hand descended, hard, landing a considerable blow across Jessica’s buttocks. She gave a little shriek, and one or two of the girls in the class gave little yelps too, as though it was they who were on the receiving end.
      Another blow landed, this one even harder than the first. Jessica gave another little scream, and her pale bottom was already turning red. Now she had a red arse to go along with her red hair and red face.
      Slap! Slap! Slap!
      The spanking continued unabated. Blow after blow rained down on Jessica’s backside. Professor Knott seemed well practised, each blow landing on the same spot at regular intervals. His precision was impressive, although I suppose that one would expect no less from a mathematics master.
      Slap! Slap! Slap!
      Something strange was happening. Jessica’s cries had turned into groans. And they sounded more like groans of pleasure than groans of pain. Somehow, the red-headed girl was enjoying her brutal spanking. How could that be?
      There was no mistaking now. The sound her moans and sighs now filled the classroom, drowning out the sound of Knott’s hand slapping into her bare arse. She was wriggling about on his lap, not trying to escape, but with what seemed like the wanton abandon of wicked and insatiable lust.

Word Count: 18,738

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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