School of Discipline #1 - Punishing Penelope


[victorian bdsm erotica, spanking bondage discipline, schoolgirl professor teacher, hardcore sex]

At St Severine's School for Turbulent Girls, young ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one are sent receive the discipline they so desperately require...

Penelope may be from a good family, but her rebellious nature lands her in constant trouble. Finally, her parents have had enough, and send her to St Severine's for correction.


      "Okay - class, I want you to watch this. Earlier today, Miss Penelope here was not behaving in a ladylike manner. Rather, she was acting like a common whore - here at Saint Severine's School for Turbulent Young Ladies, we encourage all of our students to behave with grace and dignity."
      I looked out at the sea of young women, face flushed with shame. I saw one of them raise her hand, and I braced myself for whatever question she could possibly have regarding this whole ordeal.
      "What did Miss Penelope do?"
      "Miss Penelope...well, let's just put it this way. A woman should not tease a man sexually, because men can not control their urges, nor should they be expected to. And Miss Penelope has violated that cardinal rule of our academy today."
      The girl nodded, apparently satisfied with that answer. I felt hands on my hips, and before I knew it, Professor Knott was tugging my panties down, allowing them to rest around my knees. I knew that only a few girls had a good view of my pussy, but it was humiliating nonetheless. I shuddered as he ran a finger over my dripping hole, but I remained silent.
      "Miss Penelope is a prime example of a slut - look how she reacts to my finger." Professor Knott remarked, inserting his long, skilled finger into my aching pussy. I couldn't help it - I let out a debauched moan, squirming against the desk as he fingered me. I had gone so long without touching myself, and I was desperate for this feeling.

Word Count: 6,159

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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