Daddy's Forbidden Desire - Volume 4


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When Dale is stranded on a business trip, he has no choice but to stay the night with his daughter Katie. Dale promises himself that he won't succumb to his forbidden lust, but that promise is shattered when he meets Katie's busty roommate, Angela. It seems this naughty young woman has been waiting for a "daddy" of her own, and Katie doesn't mind sharing!


      She was waiting for him in her doorway, just waiting, without the lights turned on but her body clear in the moonlight. Dale stopped by the couch. Katie was a living silhouette, and as she came forward her curves, her tall, graceful features, came into focus.
      His daughter's curls were resplendent, even having been slept on (though Dale wondered if she'd actually been sleeping), and they framed her head in rich, silky ringlets.
      Her legs were bare, her smooth skin looking like it had been oiled. The pale sheen of her shins and athletic thighs went all the way up to a pair of sinfully sheer panties. Dale stared at them. She might as well have not worn the panties at all. Her mouth, her full lips puckered in mute enjoyment of his inspection.
      "I don't know if it's because you own it...or because you know you shouldn't touch it...but no one stares at my body the way you do," she said evenly, stopping less than arm's length away from him in front of the couch.
      "I don't own you," Dale said quietly, his eyes now locked on to her dazzling eyes.
      "You made it," she said. Her eyes fell on Angela's closed bathroom. The sounds of her washing were almost loud in the apartment in the dead of night. "Did you have fun?" she whispered.
      "Shh-sh, daddy," she whispered. "I don't want to play that game tonight. C'mon, let's get you cleaned up." She reached down and took his hand, which was still so big compared to hers.
      She turned and tossed her hair. Once they crossed the threshold of her door, she let go of his hand, and shut it behind them. Then she flicked the dull light on in her bathroom. "I think Vanessa was right," Katie continued, her voice betraying no intent beyond making simple conversation. "We probably are nymphomaniacs... But incest is so taboo... I never thought I could be so...naughty. I guess all girls have a fantasy or two about their fathers."
      Dale held her face tightly to his own. "This can't happen," he said breaking away from her. "God, Katie, this can't, can't happen."
      "Don't you think I know that?" she hissed. "Touch me."

Word Count: 10,383

  • Manufactured by: Veronica Sloan

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