Incest, Inc. #2 - Deviant Desires


[incest, taboo, mother/son, father/daughter, breeding, MILF, virgin, hardcore sex, oral sex, anal play, bareback, erotica]

Yesterday, Scott Gallifrey told his family the truth; the company he worked for wanted them to have children - with each other!

Now the rest of the family wants in on the fun. Will his wife seduce her son, Jason? And what about sexy little Angelica? She hates to be left out. And Daddy looks awfully good!

Because the whole family is full of Deviant Desires, courtesy of Incest, Inc!


      “Good morning,” Jason's father said, walking into the kitchen. Shannon followed him, her golden head at a level with her father's shoulder. He glanced at her, then back to his toast, and then back at her, doing an absurd double-take.
      Shannon was naked from the waist up. Her thighs and hips were clothed in a brightly colored skirt, but her torso and breasts were exposed for everyone to see.
      He felt the blood drain out of his face, and then return in a blazing flush.
      “Well,” his mother said, her voice low, cool, and amused. “This is quite a change from what you usually wear to the breakfast table, Shannie.”
      Her skin blushed a delicate pink, contrasting beautifully with her rich golden hair and dark blue eyes. Jason tried to keep his eyes away from his sister's chest, but was only marginally successful. “I talked with Dad about it last night. Before he went back to your room, Mom.”
      She raised her chin, looking at the other members of her family. “I worship the Goddess,” she said, her voice soft but firm. “And she tells us that the human body is beautiful. It is something to be celebrated, not hidden. So, with your permission,” she added, looking at her parents, “I'm going to dress like this at home from now on. Sometimes. When it's comfortable.”
      His mother nodded. “That's fine, honey.”
      Jason's mouth fell open. She could not be serious! But she seemed to be. She spread her bagel with cream cheese as his father mixed up a bowl of instant oatmeal and put it in the microwave. He scattered some raisins on top and sat down between his wife and oldest daughter. “Where's Angie?” he asked, through his first mouthful.
      “Still asleep, I think,” his wife answered.
      “No, I'm not,” the subject of the conversation said, bouncing into the kitchen. “Whoa.” She stopped, glancing from her older sister to her parents and back again. “Nice tits, Sis. Did someone steal all your shirts and bras?”
      “Shannon apparently worships the Goddess, and is going to be going around the house topless from now on.” Jason tried to keep the acidic bite from his words, but apparently failed, as both Shannon and his mother flashed annoyed glances his way.
      “Huh. Well, better be careful, Shannie. As big as you are up top, it won't take much before you're all floppy and dangly. Guys have problems with that sort of thing.”
      Shannon giggled, her face turning pink. The motion made her breasts jiggle, and Jason looked away, though he noticed his parents didn't seem to mind. “I don't think I have to worry about that yet,” she said, a naughty gleam in her eye.
      “Don't count on it. Remember puberty? One day I was an A-cup and was trolling the internet, looking for breast enhancers. Six months later I had these girls,” she said, smirking, reaching up to cup one breast in each hand. She lifted them proudly. “Not quite as big as yours, but they do the job. So watch out. Dad might stop boning you if you look like Elsie the Cow.”
      “Hmmm. What do you think, Dad?”
      “I'm not noticing an urge to run away screaming just yet,” his father replied. He reached around, pulling his daughter close, leaning over for a kiss.
      “Want to go back upstairs?” Shannon said softly.
      “You bet your sweet ass,” her father said, pushing away his empty bowl.
      Beverly smiled as the two left the room, hand in hand and talking softly.

Word Count: 14100

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