Incest, Inc. #1 - Indecent Relations


[incest, taboo, father-daughter, hardcore sex, fantasy, bareback, baby, breeding, oral sex]

Scott Gallifrey is having a bad day. His boss is terrifying, his kids are bickering, and he thinks his wife is considering divorce.

But then he is made an incredible offer. His company is not what it seems. They want his family to have children…with each other!

Because Scott isn't really working for a charitable foundation. His employer is…Incest, Inc!


      “I'll do it,” a soft voice said.
      “…and that if they breathe a word of it, you'll see their asses in court,” Jason continued, mindless of the interruption. “They can't get away with this. They…”
      “Jason.” Their mother's voice was firm and implacable, overriding his sputtering fury. “Your sister was talking.”
      “I said I'll do it,” Shannon said, rising to her feet. Her low voice throbbed in the suddenly silent room. Her knee-length skirt and light sweater, her usual attire, even in summer, clung to her body, making her seem, in Angelica's stunned eyes, as if she were a Greek goddess, descended from Olympus. Perhaps Aphrodite or Diana. Her eyes shone, glittering with hectic excitement.
      “What?” Jason's face was adorably confused. Even through her own shock, Angie was inclined to laugh. Her twin looked as if one of their cats had started writing poetry; something so far off the wall that the only response was to stare. “What are you talking about?”
      “I'm in the middle of my fertile phase,” Shannon said quietly. “And I've never gone on the pill or an IUD. I've always made the men use a condom.
      “I could get pregnant today,” she said quietly, “if I got lucky.”
      “Shannon,” her brother breathed. “This is nuts.”
      “Nuts for you,” she replied, her low voice the only sound in the room. Her mother watched her, an unreadable expression on her face. Dad, Angie thought, looked like he wanted to say something. But his wife's hand on his wrist forbade an outburst. “Not for me. This is…this is a dream come true. I could have a baby, stay at home or move out if I wanted, and not have to worry about money. I could do all the research I wanted and publish all I needed. And I wouldn't have to deal with a lot of stupid people all the time.”
      “By taking money for sex? And I thought Angie was the embarrassment to the family. I guess I was wrong.”
      In five quick steps Shannon marched across the room and dealt a ringing slap to the side of Jason's face. His head rocked back from the force of the blow, and he cupped a hand over his reddening cheek, staring in utter shock.
      “You don't have the right to judge what I do,” she hissed at him. “It's my body, my choice, and my child, if I decide to have her.”
      “Or him,” Angie said, irrepressible.
      A tiny smile crossed her sister's lips. “Or him,” she agreed before turning back to Jason. “But at least you've made my choice simple. There's no way I'm going to go to bed with an ignorant, close-minded, sexually repressed…man like you. I'd sooner get a sperm sample and take my chances.”
      “Can't do that,” her mother said. “Not part of the deal.”
      “Oh, I know.” Shannon stood for a moment in the middle of the room, seemingly unaware of how the rest of them were staring at her. Slowly, she turned and walked over to their father, who was looking at her in an uneasy mixture of confusion and terror.
      “Daddy, will you put a baby in me?” she asked, as she lifted her arms and settled them around his neck.
      Before he could respond, she pulled down his head, raised up on her toes, and kissed him firmly on the mouth.

Word Count: 14,330

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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