Dark Desires #09 - Billionaire Submission


[gangbang, office sex, domination and submission, reluctant submission, sex in public, bdsm erotica, exhibitionism and voyeurism]

Ivory is a young environmentalist who works with an international initiative to save the biggest mammals on land.

Alex is a powerful businessman intent on building his new factory in the midst of an elephant migration path.

When Ivory is sent to convince Alex to relocate, the alpha billionaire pushes her to her limits both mentally and physically. She swears she's not interested in the overconfident black male but he wakes desires she never knew she had - dark desires. To complicate matters even more, he offers her an easy way to get what she wants:

Submit to his every wish for just one hour.

What's the worst he could do in an hour?


      "So you will reconsider?" she asked finally.
      "Of course," he said. "On one condition," he added before he could consult with his brain.
      "What condition?"
      He could see the hope light up in her eyes and he felt almost bad for what he was about to say. Almost.
      "I want you in exchange."
      Her jaw dropped open. "Ex-excuse me?" she spluttered, her cheeks burning red.
      He pushed himself from his seat and stood up. He was please to see how much he towered over her. She blinked rapidly, the fear in her eyes so obvious that he could feel it radiate off her small body.
      There was something about seeing her intense eyes watching him that made him want to dominate her. He walked closer until he could see her ample chest lifting up and down, as if she was breathing from conscious effort.
      He felt himself getting harder. He leaned down so that his lips were inches from her ear. He could feel her heartbeat speed up. The pulse beneath her skin was almost visible to his naked eye.
      "I want you submit," he growled.
      "You want me to what?" she asked, her throat dry.
      He watched the small lump travel down her slender throat and imagined his fingers wrapped around it, choking her as he rammed into her tight core over and over again on the table. "I want you to surrender," he said. "I want you to be mine for the next hour," he said.
      Her luscious lips parted. "I- I don't understand."
      "For the next hour, you do everything I say. At the end of the hour, not only am I going to move the construction elsewhere, effective immediately, I'm going to make a donation of say... a hundred thousand dollars."
      Her lips opened and closed, too stunned for words.
      He watched in amusement as a shiver went down her spine. That brought a smile on his face, the first real smile in days. He was going to have fun with her...

Word Count: 10,900

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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