Dark Desires #04 - Ganged In Public


[domination and submission, reluctant submission, sex in public, bdsm erotica, exhibitionism and voyeurism, spanking, bondage]

Voluptuous and vivacious Dahlia is the life at every party. But when the groom in the wedding declares that he would much rather marry her instead of his beautiful bride and her soon to be ex-best friend, she realizes she needs to reevaluate everything, especially her relationship with the groom...and his best men, especially since she had just spent the night with all of them...


      "It's true," Owen's deep voice sent a shiver down her spine. He sounded like he had been drinking.
      "You're...fine with her sleeping with Erick?" she asked in disbelief, unable to quite keep the scorn from her voice. Her mind mustered up an image of him. Black hair, dark brown eyes, heavy straight brows and a thick fringe of eyelashes that accentuated his serious look. Then further down to his broad shoulders, his muscular chest, smooth lines dipping downwards like an arrow pointing her wandering gaze towards his- She shook her head. It wasn't good to have thoughts like that.
      "Yes,' he said, his voice a drawn out groan, as if he understood just how ridiculous the demand he had conceded to was. "But only if I get to fuck you," he said in that same, smooth velvety tone that made her believe he had been fantasizing about her.
      "What if I'm not down to fuck you?" she threaded carefully.
      "Then I'll tie you down."
      Her insides tightened and her pussy twitched at his response. He was just as she imagined. Dominating and controlling. She licked her lips. "What if I want you to tie me down anyways?"
      There was silence on the other end of the phone and she wondered if she had gone too far. Maybe he wasn't really as dominating as Cassie made him to be. Cassie only told her that he wanted to spank her and she wouldn't let him. Spanking was vanilla, as far as Dahlia was concerned.
      "I'll get the ropes ready," he said finally, his voice guttural. His breathing sounded a little labored and she grinned. Nope. She hadn't gone too far at all.

Word Count: 10,454

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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